Application for joining the EOSC Association

The EOSC Executive Board and the four founding members of the EOSC Association (CESAER, CSIC, GÉANT and GARR) invite all interested organisations to express their interest to join the EOSC Association as a member or observer.

The four founding members will carry out a scrutiny and provisionally admit additional members or observers during a meeting of the four founding members in September. Membership will be confirmed during the first inaugural General Assembly by the end of 2020.

This provisional admission as a member will allow you to candidate for the elections of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and the Directors during the first inaugural General Assembly by the end of 2020. The arrangements for the appointment of the Secretary General and Secretariat will be agreed during the inaugural meeting as well.

From mid-August, a small group of volunteers will draft the Bylaws for adoption by the first inaugural General Assembly. The fees for 2021 and the budget 2021 will be offered for adoption to the inaugural General Assembly. Once we have a better sense of the scale of membership and running costs for the EOSC Association, we will be able to give a more accurate indication of fees. Further information will be provided later this year.

In order to progress your membership at this early stage, please provide the following data and documents via the form below.

Applications received until 15 October will be taken into account for the preliminary admission by the four founding members in the first round. Applications filed thereafter will be considered for admission in later rounds.

Please find the EOSC Association Statutes at this link

Read the latest blog post by EOSC EB Co-chair Cathrin Stöver on the next steps of the EOSC Association

For specific questions related to the EOSC Association, please contact eoscassociation[at]

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In case you wish to be admitted as a ´mandated organisation´, please also provide us with a formal letter of your competent national authorities nominating you as the mandated organisation of your country.
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