Call for expert to assist with the landscaping analysis related to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) co-creation

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The project is looking for an expert to assist with tasks in connection with the landscaping analysis activities of the projects of the call INFRAEOSC 2018-2020-5 (“Support to the EOSC Governance”, referred in what follows ad “Call5). The main aim of the landscaping activity is to deliver the mapping of national services and infrastructures that might contribute to the European Open Science Cloud. The methodology for the analysis will be based on the collection of information through specific designed surveys to be carried out by the above mentioned projects in the countries of pertinence.

The expert should:

  • Provide assistance with the coordinated implementation of the surveys, ensuring in particular that the methodology is consistent across Call5b projects, and will make it possible to collect meaningful input which can be easily exploitable by other stakeholders;
  • Coordinate the integration and analysis at EU level of the results produced by the Call5 projects landscaping exercises; 
  • Support the extension of the surveys to other countries not covered by the former projects (e.g. Malta, Luxembourg, Ireland); 
  • Provide assistance in redacting a final report that includes the integrated results of all the surveys and an analysis and different projections at European level and a visualization of them that can help the EOSC governance to take informed decisions.

The candidates should have a high level of expertise and professional experience in mapping analysis and also in the research sector and/or with organisational analysis. We are especially keen on involving experts having proved experience in one or more of the following areas:

- Experience in working in European RI and/or e-Infra landscape;
- Mapping analysis;
- Survey definition and procedures;
- Stakeholder analysis;
- Sociology and/or data analysis;
- Activity planning and coordination.

The expert is expected to work up to 45 days. The remuneration is 500 EUR per working day. Travel costs are will be covered as follow:

  • flight/train/car etc. reimbursed up to 400 EUR
  • hotel costs reimbursed up to 100 EUR per night
  • 90 EUR per diem

The total budget available is 36.000 EUR.

The selection will be made by the Steering Group EOSC Secretariat and will will take into account the described criteria and possible interviews (also via teleconference) may be set up before appointing the expert.

The deadline for application is 15 October 2019
Start Date of activities: 25 October 2019
End Date of activities: 15 January 2020