EOSC Regional Projects

In early 2020, the EOSC Community took another crucial step on the road to the development and implementation of the European Open Science Cloud, as seven key EOSC-related Horizon 2020 projects signed a Collaboration Agreement in support of the EOSC Governance.

The Agreement involves all the projects supported within the INFRAEOSC-05-2018-2019 call. The Agreement provides a useful framework for all parties to collaborate on a wide range of topics, in order to enhance synergies in all mutual activities related to the EOSC. The projects also agreed on a Joint Activity Plan, which will guide them towards the first iteration of EOSC. Overlaps and complementarities among projects were identified, as well as specific areas for potential cooperation, ultimately aimed at the development of a common strategy to synchronise activities with the EOSC Working Groups.

Between April and May 2020, EOSCsecretariat.eu collected the position papers on EOSC compiled by the INFRAEOSC 5b projects, the subgroup that specifically includes the four regional projects covering all corners of Europe, as well as the thematic project ExPaNDS.

Position papers on EOSC - Insights from Regional Projects & Infrastructures





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The five InfraEOSC 5b Projects


EOSC-Nordic’s overall objective is to foster and advance the take-up of EOSC at Nordic level by coordinating relevant initiatives taking place in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; bringing them to bear in the context of the EOSC. The project aims to foster and coordinate all EOSC-relevant initiatives within the Nordic & Baltic countries and exploit synergies to achieve greater harmonisation at policy and service-provisioning level not only across the Nordic and Baltic region, but also with other countries, in compliance with EOSC agreed standards and practices.



EOSC-Pillar gathers representatives of the fast-growing national initiatives for coordinating data infrastructures and services in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, and Italy, to establish an agile and efficient federation model for open science services covering the full spectrum of European research communities.



EOSC-Synergy will expand the capacity and capabilities of the EOSC by leveraging the experience, effort and resources of national publicly funded digital infrastructures in a coherent way, therefore acting also as an incentive for national resource providers. EOSC-Synergy extends the EOSC coordination to participating countries by harmonising policies and federating relevant national research e-Infrastructures, scientific data and thematic services, bridging the gap between national initiatives and EOSC. The participating countries are: Spain, Portugal, UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, the Netherlands, and Germany.



NI4OS-Europe aims to be a core contributor to the EOSC service portfolio, commit to EOSC governance and ensure inclusiveness at the European level for enabling global open science. The project supports the development and inclusion of the national Open Science initiatives in 15 Member States and Associated Countries in the EOSC governance. NI4OS-Europe aspires to instil within the community the EOSC philosophy and FAIR principles. It also provides technical and policy support for the on-boarding of service providers into EOSC.



ExPaNDS is the EOSC Photon and Neutron (PaN) Data Service. PaN Research Infrastructures are service providers with a high relevance for the success of EOSC. Through ExPaNDS for national PaN RIs and PaNOSC for PaN ESFRIs, coherent FAIR data services will be enabled to the scientific users of all European PaN facilities, universities and even industry.