Relevant Documents from the EOSC Governance

On this page you will find all the relevant documents produced by the EOSC Governance, including updates from the EOSC Executive Board and Working Groups and public minutes from the meetings.


The EOSC Strategic Implementation Plan

The Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) is the first key outputs of the EOSC Executive Board. The plan provides information on:

  • The timeline of practical outputs that are key to the development of an EOSC minimum viable platform
  • 5 priority areas in EOSC that were identified and have become the target areas of the first Executive Board Working Groups
  • Background and foundational information that led to the development of this roadmap

Download the SIP

Outputs from the EOSCsecretariat

Outputs from the EOSC FAIR Working Group

Outputs from the EOSC Landscape Working Group