Towards a shared EOSC definition

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27 May 2020

Towards a shared EOSC definition

  • By Dario Mangione

As it is known to all of us there is not yet a unique definition of EOSC. Someone believes that it is not correct to give such a unique definition since the meaning depends on the perspective EOSC is observed from. For example, you may observe it from the perspective of a researcher willing to exploit its functionality or you may observe it as a developer of its technological solutions.

The lack of such a shared definition, however, makes it difficult to present EOSC to new stakeholders and explain to them what is its unique value proposition.

To address this problem, a number of EOSC authoritative documents published from 2015 since today have been analysed to identify possible EOSC characterising properties.

The analysis showed that EOSC can be characterised as a system:

  1. resulting from the activities and initiatives promoted by the European Commission to support the European policy on Open Science and Open Innovation;
  2. that is trusted;
  3. providing seamless access to data and interoperable services;
  4. supporting the whole research data cycle, from discovery and mining to storage, management, analysis and re-use across borders and disciplines;
  5. consisting of a set of interacting components belonging to the following domains: actors, services, data, policies, and infrastructures;
  6. implemented by adopting a federated, decentralised, distributed and participatory approach;
  7. performing functions and carrying out purposes that do not reside in any component alone (aka emergent behaviour).

We now ask your contribution to let us know which of the above properties meet your understanding of EOSC.