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31 Jan 2020

Welcome to the Glossary Interest Group

  • By Donatella Castelli

The interdisciplinary nature characterizing the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative is one of the main reasons behind frequent terminological overlaps (and the consequential misunderstandings that derive from them), creating the need for a glossary that provides a common basis for disambiguating the terms which are deemed necessary for actual communication between the different groups involved. While many glossaries are publicly available, because of the different viewpoints adopted none of them can cover all the acceptations required for a complex system like the EOSC, rendering the simple collection of existing definitions nearly ineffective. To create a glossary that is consistent and agreeable to all the parties involved it is indeed necessary to review current uses and definitions, starting from the recognized authoritative bodies or authors and to adopt a common framework of principles and procedures regarding the terminology work required to create a concept system that will mediate between the different perspectives.


In order to start up this activity we ask you to help us to collect relevant terminological data collections that may be relevant in EOSC  (such as glossaries, vocabularies, encyclopedias or databases).

Please, for each of them provide us with: 

* Resource name
* rationale behind the proposal, i.e. why it is relevant for the development of the EOSC Glossary 
* resource reference, e.g. links  
* resource state, e.g. draft, complete and endorsed, number of the version