Configuration Management Plan for the EOSC-Core

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12 Mar 2021

Configuration Management Plan for the EOSC-Core

  • By Pavel Weber

The Configuration Management Plan, developed in the scope of EOSC-hub Service Management System (SMS), provides guidelines to establish the EOSC configuration management process and defines a simple service data model with which can be applied for description of all resources included in EOSC SMS.

The proposed model considers the complexity of the multi-tenant EOSC federated live environment, its distributed architecture, which is being established by multiple institutions and service organizations from different countries, with rapidly changing pace. It follows a lightweight, modular approach wifh focus on the relations between service components for federation services.

The document also provides some examples of application of the proposed data model to some EOSC-Core candidate services including ones with complex architecture. The document has been published at: