DiSSCo E-SERVICES IN EOSC (Postponed to September 2021)

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28 May 2021

DiSSCo E-SERVICES IN EOSC (Postponed to September 2021)

  • By Patricia Mergen

DiSSCo Prepare 1st Roundtable will take place in September 2021 (a lunch-to-lunch event).

A work-intensive event that will allow us to discuss two main topics of high interest for us. Day 1 will address DiSSCo e-services in EOSC while on the second day, the session will turn into a working session on the Knowledge base. The description in detail of the sessions can be found provided file.

Registration: Please register here before June 14, eod. You can register for one or both of the sessions.

The RT1 is a virtual meeting open to everybody. Therefore, please extend the invitation to those you consider may be interested to participate.

Join the venue


Date: Tio be decided 

Time schedule: 13.00 to 16.00 CEST

Chair: Tbd

Notes from plenary part: collaborative google doc. Notetaker/Facilitator: tbd


The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is an environment for hosting and processing research data to support EU science. It aims to develop a trusted, virtual, federated environment that cuts across borders and scientific disciplines to store, share, process, and re-use research digital objects (like publications, data, and software) following FAIR principles. The EOSC brings together institutional, national and European stakeholders, initiatives, and data infrastructures to develop an inclusive open science ecosystem in Europe. This is expected to lead towards new insights and innovations, higher research productivity, and improved reproducibility in science. On its side, the projects linked to EOSC look to implement pilot and federated services to serve the scientific community and professionals of all kinds of disciplines. In that context, ENVRI-FAIR will implement the ENVRI-hub - a virtual, federated machine-to-machine interface to access environmental data and services provided by the contributing RIs.From the perspective of DiSSCo RI, several questions arise: How this virtual environment is to be connected to the final users’ needs? Are the individual RIs going to be able to provide direct services outside their natural linked cluster’s hubs? How the process is to be sustained over time? Which is the business model that underpins the whole structure of service provision? What is the role of the EOSC Association and the EOSC Partnership in this environment?


  • To examine service provision pipelines and pathways for clusters and/or individual RIs
  • To engage with EOSC Partnership and explore potential linkages
  • To discuss KPIs for FAIRness of data at RI/Cluster level

For any further questions, please send an email (eva.alonso@naturalis.nl).