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10 Nov 2020

EOSC-hub documentation for federation services

  • By Pavel Weber

Recently the EOSC-hub project has published two handbooks with nice best practices and procedures:

We are also working on online documentation using the service centric approach. For this kind of documentation we try to collect all existing documentation or links to it  in one place. For example a quite full description of EOSC AAI  for the different target groups is collected at https://confluence.egi.eu/display/EOSC/Authentication+and+Authorization+.... Here we consider three major target groups interested in this documentation:

  • End-users
  • Resource providers
  • Community managers

This approach is to be followed also for other EOSC federation services at https://confluence.egi.eu/display/EOSC/Documentation+for+Federation+Serv.... It has to be mentioned that the preparation of useful documentation is a continuous process, that can only be properly done in cooperation with users and documention readers. Therefore to improve the quality and spot the major gaps I kindly ask you to check the documentation about service you are interested in at: 


and provide a short feedback by filling a survey: https://www.eosc-hub.eu/eosc-hub-documentation-federation-services-have-...