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24 Feb 2021

EOSC NORDIC EVENT on FAIRification Step 2

  • By Bert Meerman

EOSC Nordic organized a workshop / webinar on improving the FAIRness level for repositories in Nordic / Baltic countries.  

DATE was 3 February 2021.   About 80 participants from these repositories showed up.   

VISIT the RECORDED EVENT, including slides on:     https://www.eosc-nordic.eu/events/eosc-nordic-fairification-webinar-fair...

The aim of this workshop / webinar was to assist the Nordic / Baltic repositories with the practical implementation of FAIR Principle F3.  ( F3 = Metadata clearly and explicitly include the identifier of the data they describe ). .  .in other words :  “Split the data from the meta-data and have the meta data point to the data and have the data point to the metadata via permalinks” 

Speakers were from  the Nordic project / WP 4 ,  GO FAIR, FAIRsFAIR / University of Bremen and from Dataverse Norway  (provider of services to repositories in Nordic) 

Highly Interesting for the International Initiative was the presentation on the existence and recent improvements of an automated  FAIR evaluation software tool called FUJI , based on RDA FAIR Maturity recommendations.  ( FUJI is  developed by  Uni of Bremen / Pangaea, for the FAIR sFAIR project ),   

Visit for the FUJI software the following links : 




A  report is in preparation and will be published on the EOSC Nordic platform and on the EOSC Secretariat Liaison Platform.