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07 Oct 2021

'Focus on EOSC' thematic day at #EGI2021

  • By Gwen Franck

During our #EGI2021 first conference day, October 19th, we will focus on a variety of European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) projects, services and tools. 

In the morning, you can discover the EOSC Synergy project in 'Bridging from theory to practice with EOSC-Synergy', or find out how EGI powers several core EOSC Services in the session 'EGI-powered Thematic Services in EOSC'.

Throughout the conference, we showcase a number of demonstrations - and on this day, two of them are EOSC-themed: at 12.45 CEST, Find out how the EOSC Test Suite can help with benchmarking and validation, and at 13.30 CEST, how you can onboard resources on the EOSC Portal. 

The first afternoon sessions focus on 'Gaia-X Architecture and its Implications for EOSC and the research community' or you can learn more about EOSC -related services and projects during these short presentations about EOSC-Performance, EOSC-DIH, EGI-ACE, EOSC-Synergy and ESCAPE.

Finally, join us for a workshop focusing on EOSC Future with focus on the EOSC Core.

The 'Focus on EOSC' sessions are coloured orange in the programme of the 19th.   

Register now! https://indico.egi.eu/event/5464/page/90-focus-on-eosc