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13 Mar 2020


  • By Bert Meerman

GOING GLOBAL  - Connecting the clouds - A document produced by SCIENCE BUSINESS on global developments.



In the context of international initiatives, we have already provided several blog posts on Open Science developments in US, Asia and Africa. This report, produced by SCIENCE BUSINESS and written by David Pringle delivers a very good and well written inside perspective on the global developments. Most of the findings are in line with earlier posts and observations as recorded in the “EOSC observatory”. The report offers excellent insights for everyone that is interested in the EOSC; please find its main conclusions below. 


Executive Summary

  • Interoperability is vital for the success of Open Science Clouds.
  • Connect the Regional Open Science Initiatives – seek convergence.
  • Where possible benefit from regional strengths.
  • Stimulate reciprocity when datasets are visited and/or shared.
  • Protect data quality – include sensitivity and security aspects of data.
  • Create consensus on (FAIR) Digital Objects. 
  • Assure clear Rules of Participation.
  • Make sure that funding is provided and that the transparent and clear rules put in place.


Main observations 

  • There is a growing need for international cooperation and data sharing/data visiting among researchers.
  • Security considerations and a desire to protect data that is regarded as sensitive or as valuable Intellectual Property are two of the main obstacles of sharing data at national level.  
  • Interesting reading material regarding OS development in Australia, Canada, China, the US and other developed / developing countries.
  • EOSC must have a global reach in order to be successful. 



  • Evangelize Open Science – spread the word!
  • Focus on concrete results & outcomes
  • Create a solid funding model, supported by governments.
  • Support initiatives that enable interoperability.
  • Keep it Open and Simple, rather than complex and rigid.
  • Focus on data stewardship.
  • Adhere to the FAIR Principles. (NB: FAIR is not equal to open and free)
  • Maintain a healthy competitive environment  – No vendor lock-in!