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26 Apr 2021

INODE project EOSC Workshop

  • By Antonis Litke

Intelligent Open Data Exploration (INODE) is an EU project, funded under Horizon 2020 ( The mission of INODE is to develop a unified, effective platform that provides extensive access to open datasets through natural language queries for a wide range of users from larger scientific communities to the public. The INODE solution is demonstrated in three significant use cases in the fields of Cancer Biomarker Research, Research and Innovation Policy Making, and Astrophysics.

Motivation: This workshop aims at bringing EOSC members an insight into the INODE system, while integration and exploitation of INODE services would be promoted by EOSC-hub. The INODE system will be eventually integrated with EOSC-hub services and made available for a large international group of users in EOSC.

Structure of the workshop: The workshop will provide a comprehensive view on where INODE stands and how the INODE consortium is getting ready for the challenges ahead, till the completion of the INODE project in October 2022. Short presentations from the INODE use case providers will be intertwined with short demos from technical teams. For a detailed agenda of the workshop please check the agenda attached.

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