Interim recommendations for FAIR metrics and service certification to apply within EOSC

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14 Feb 2020

Interim recommendations for FAIR metrics and service certification to apply within EOSC

  • By Sarah Jones

The EOSC FAIR Working Group is tasked to provide recommendations on metrics to assess FAIR data and frameworks to certify services that enable FAIR. The Working Group set up a Metrics and Certification Task Force co-chaired by Françoise Genova and Magnus Aronsen to develop our recommendations. Two interim documents are released today for feedback.


Several projects and initiatives are currently working in these two domains. The interim reports provide an overview of ongoing activities and preliminary discussion of key issues. The results of the initiatives to date, as well as the comments gathered through this consultation, will be taken into account in the final recommendations we make for implementing FAIR metrics and certifying services within EOSC.


Since work is ongoing, in particular in the RDA FAIR Data Maturity Model Working Group and FAIRsFAIR which provide key inputs to our recommendations, these initial reports only provide a sense of the direction of travel we expect to take and the key issues being considered. Full recommendations will be released for consultation in early Summer 2020 so a finalised, community-approved version can be put forward before the EOSC Symposium in Autumn. 


We welcome feedback and suggestions from the community on any aspect of the two reports. For example: 

  • Does the approach we apply to minimal metrics and a scaled approach encouraging higher levels of maturity seem appropriate? 
  • And are we correct to focus certification requirements on repositories, while exploring what other services need to be assessed and validated? 

We are also interested in getting information about other relevant activities which should be taken into account in order to get a comprehensive view of work in the two domains.


You can download the two reports below. Comments can either be left here on the EOSC Liaison Platform (you need to login to respond to this post) or if preferred you can email them to We encourage people to respond openly however to promote community discussion and consensus.

Many thanks in advance for your inputs. Your EOSC needs you!