Launch of international DSCC network

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29 Jan 2020

Launch of international DSCC network

  • By Bert Meerman

International Network of FAIR Data Stewardship Competence Centers launched

An interesting and very positive trend is the fact that more and more institutes and universities are hiring and training data stewards to assist researchers with their data management plans and in making their data FAIR. This allows researchers to concentrate on his/her domain and for the data steward to develop into an expert. The grouping of data stewards in FAIR Data Steward Competence Centers (DSCC) is the latest trend seen in a number of countries.

Data stewardship experts from Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Switzerland and The Netherlands recently started collaborating in a DSCC Implementation Network (IN) hosted by the GO FAIR initiative. The group’s overall aim is to establish a pragmatic way of cooperation, reuse of assets and enable convergence between national and international DSCCs at universities or other research performing institutions. A similar initiative can be found in RDA. 

We foresee that Data Stewards in general and Data Stewardship Competence Centers in particular will play an important role in preparing and making the required choices for ontologies, vocabularies, meta-data templates and other aspects of the implementation profile of their domain.