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24 Jun 2021

Missing SSH data and repositories

  • By Suzanne Dumouchel

Dear all, 

The TRIPLE project is looking for SSH resources to be part of the future discovery service of OPERAS Research Infrastructure, the GOTRIPLE platform. 

GOTRIPLE has several added values that makes it completely useful and needed by the SSH community: 

  1. It is a multilingual service: 9 languages (French, Spanish, English, German, Greek, Portuguese, Croatian, Italian, Polish) are part of the platform and the vocabularies of the 27 SSH disciplines have all been aligned in each of the languages (HALSHS - MORESS.xlsx). 
  2. It is a dedicated SSH service, that means the data model is especially adapted to the SSH and that the search is made on SSH concepts. 
  3. It links the results between data (& publications), researchers projects and researchers profiles in order to build a very strong picture of the topic in Europe. 
  4. It is plugged to several innovative services (visualisations, annotations, recommendation, etc.) that increase the reuse of the data and resources. 

I’m contacting you for two main issues that we are facing: 

  1. Missing data on specific disciplines and languages as you can see in the table below. If we want to have a search engine efficient enough, we need to properly train artificial intelligence. This will be done for most of the languages/disciplines but not all of them. Can you help us to find other data for the specific languages and disciplines that are below? We need to have at least 130 documents per category and per language to properly train the search engine. 



  1. We would like to identify other data/projects/profiles repositories - in the SSH or with SSH content - that are not part of a bigger aggregator (such as OpenAIRE, Base, etc.). Indeed one of the goals of TRIPLE project is to make visible these small repositories and to help them to reach a good quality level of metadata in order to be properly harvested. This would be another important added value for TRIPLE to highlight data that are not yet visible. Your help is particularly expected here to identify repositories in universities, research centres, libraries, etc. I’ve created a table that you can use to add names/links to these repositories: Finding SSH repositories  

Many thanks in advance for your support! Feel free to share this email with your own network. The GOTRIPLE platform will be successful thanks to your support and contribution. 

For any question, feel free to contact either myself, Suzanne Dumouchel, suzanne.dumouchel[a]huma-num.fr or my colleague, Arnaud Gingold, arnaud.gingold[a]openedition.org 

All the best,




  • András Micsik's picture

    András Micsik

    Date: 25 Jun, 2021

    Dear Suzanne,
    I can help with Hungarian resources, translations and SSH repositories if needed.

    Best regards,
    Andras Micsik

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