Survey: EOSC Federating Core Governance and Sustainability

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05 Aug 2019

Survey: EOSC Federating Core Governance and Sustainability

  • By Suzanne Dumouchel

Hello everybody,


OPERAS Research Infrastructure is worling on the survey and we have some questions (see below):

1. Is there any deadline?

2. What is the purpose of the survey? how our answers will be reused? How can it change or influence something?

3. The difference between Shared Resources and marketplace is quite unclear. Any suggestion? How some of you understood the document?

And what about the macro-features (developed in EOSC-Hub project)? To what are they related to?

4. How can we be involved in the macro-features about scholarly communication?

5. Which part of the services can go in which tier? here again, we are not sure about that...


Would be happy to discuss the briefing paper more in details!







  • Tiziana Ferrari's picture

    Tiziana Ferrari

    Date: 06 Aug, 2019

    Dear Suzanne

    we are glad that OPERAS is working on the survey.

    (1) Deadline for participation to the survey is the 25th of August

    (2) The survey feedback will be used to evolve the EOSC federating core proposal that is currently presented in the briefing paper. Interested organizations/projects, are invited to contribute to the evolution of the briefing paper, which is epxected to result in a community paper on the EOSC Federating Core.

    (3) In the current proposal, shared resources are services and scientific outputs to be provided and sustained by EOSC. The marketplace is an access channel to the shared resources to discover them, place orders (where applicable) and access them through single sign on.

    (4) You can be involved in the definition of EOSC capabilities for scholarly communications, by providing one ore more use cases for such features, explaining how OPERAS would benefit from them, or could contribute to provide them through EOSC. You can contribute use cases through the survey, but also through the open call available in the EOSC Portal:

    (5) the discussion of which service would go in which tier depends on the envisaged funding model. If the service should be funded, sustained, owned and provided under the governance of OPERAS for example, then the EOSC service portfolio applies. If a given service could be offered BY EOSC through a collaboration with OPERAS to EOSC users, then it could be part of the federating core. if this service is an access enabling or federating service, that supports EOSC, then the Federating Tier (the Hub portfolio) is concerned, otherwise the Resource Tier (Shared Resources).


    Hope this helps!


  • Suzanne Dumouchel's picture

    Suzanne Dumouchel

    Date: 07 Aug, 2019

    Dear Tiziana,

    That helps indeed! Thanks for your very quick reply.

    Best wishes,


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