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05 Mar 2020

EOSC Workshop Report - Future Research Environment

  • By Bernd Saurugger

Dear members of this Interest Group!

The change in research environments is accelerating over time. Now, Europe’s research communities are facing the next novelty: The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) to connect researchers from multiple disciplines and foster research in Europe. Its community driven building process, targets researchers as ultimate target group. This Interest Group (IG) on Researcher Engagement and Use Cases was built to ensure that the EOSC meets the requirements and expectations of researchers.

TU Wien organised the workshop “Co-creating the EOSC: Needs and requirements for future research environments”, where top-level researchers from natural and technical sciences participated. They identified concrete services, needs, requirements and visions for an ideal future research environment crucial for the implementation of the EOSC. The discussion included the following topics and an elaboration of concrete services related to these subjects:

  • Impact of Research in Society
  • Communication and Language Barriers
  • Re-definition of the Roles of Researchers and AI in Research Processes
  • Trusted Data Frameworks
  • Sustainable Data Frameworks
  • Legal Frameworks, Guidelines and Rules of Participation (RoP)


I would like to take the findings of this workshop as a starting point for further discussion within this Interest Group.

Best regards,

Bernd Saurugger


  • Angus Whyte's picture

    Angus Whyte

    Date: 05 Mar, 2020

    Dear all
    Thanks for sharing this interesting workshop report. I'm working in FAIRsFAIR project, whose scope seems a close fit to service needs described under 'Trusted Data Frameworks' in the workshop report, In FAIRsFAIR-Wp3 (Policy and Practice) one of our goals is to describe useful examples of challenges and solutions to making data FAIR. By 'useful' I mean useful to researchers and/or the service providers who support them in this, such as data stewards, data librarians, research software engineers etc. To be useful they also need to identify the specific activities they enable e.g. developing interoperability frameworks, the challenges encountered and addressed, and contextual aspects such as the domain.

    These will basically be brief case studies or exemplars. But I'm not sure if this kind of narrative is relevant to this IG? Or is the goal to define the kind of use case narrative that is used in software development?

    In either case, if you have in mind a particular structure for the use cases it would be very useful for us. If not, perhaps we can feed in some ideas for feedback, at least for the 'exemplars' if they are relevant.

    Best wishes,
    Angus Whyte, Digital Curation Centre, University of Edinburgh

  • Bernd Saurugger's picture

    Bernd Saurugger

    Date: 08 Mar, 2020

    Dear Angus Whyte,
    The Interest Groups were build to collaborate, share information, and discuss EOSC related topics. So the aim of this IG is two folded: Get new input through discussions within this IG (we therefore invite researchers and their representatives to participate in this IG) and to share what has been done in all the different EOSC related projects. I personally am very interested in your use case, as you mention that the scope seems a close fit to our findings!
    I also have not thought about a particular structure for the use cases yet, so any ideas are very much appreciated!
    Best regards,
    Bernd Saurugger

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