Services To Perform Cutting-Edge Research In Europe

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22 Sep 2020

Services To Perform Cutting-Edge Research In Europe

  • By Katharina Flicker

Since the start of the EOSC initiative, the needs of potential stakeholders were put into focus – among them the wishes and requirements of researchers and research institutions.

To understand what the research community requires to perform cutting-edge research, the EOSCSecretariat partner TUWien has organized a series of workshops and explorations with Nobel Laureates, ERC grant holders, members of the Marie Curie Alumni Association and members of the Young Academy of Europe (YAE). In addition, TU Wien involved seven European and Associated Countries, University Networks and representatives from funding bodies.

Thus, TUWien was able to identify a considerable number of actual needs and services. They span a broad range from Architecture and FAIR principles over Rules of Participation, Skills and Training to Sustainability and the desire to establish on-going discussions on how research infrastructures should evolve. For further reading, please see either the full reports on the workshops, the key takeaway messages and consultations below, or the interim list in attachment. This list will be further supplemented over the project duration.

For any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us!

TUWien representatives of the EOSCSecretariat: Paolo Budroni, Katharina Flicker (, Juliana Giroletti, Andreas Rauber (PI), Barbara Sánchez, Bernd Saurugger