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12 Feb 2020

[Reminder] Welcome survey

  • By Andrea Mannocci


thank you again for joining in the IG.
This is just a gentle reminder.

To kickstart this IG, we kindly ask you to help us collect information that may be relevant for the future activities of the group.
We prepared a short survey intended to know better the current state of the art of the services and research products in your community of reference. 
Please fill it in at https://forms.gle/hwgvprpDdD4JZwnx5.

Best regards,


  • Owen Appleton's picture

    Owen Appleton

    Date: 13 Feb, 2020

    This survey assumes a targetting of this group very different from that discussed in Budapest. I do not this it is very useful. We do not expect researchers to join this IG, but those involved in providing services/research products, or in providing catalogues/hubs of services and research products. Going down this route is a waste of time.

  • Andrea Mannocci's picture

    Andrea Mannocci

    Date: 13 Feb, 2020

    Dear Owen,

    thank you for your observation that gives me the opportunity to clarify the objective of this initial request.
    As you know, this IG is not restricted to service providers and it is open to the broader EOSC community, as indicated in the EOSC Coordination Day Report available at
    This first survey has the overall objective of breaking the ice and understand the composition of the group members, in particular knowing which community they represent and which project they are working in. This was needed as we could not know in advance who was going to join this interest group so we first supposed all the members will be at least EOSC users.
    A second round of questionnaire is already in our pocket, targetting the more specific group of people working on defining services and catalogues.

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