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Business Models for EOSC


  • Key issue is what financing models are needed for EOSC-Core including what core services should be offered in the EOSC-Core. Services can be further developed and expanded at a later stage upon EOSC-Core. EOSC should connect (inter)national infrastructures and their expectations should be managed and their needs should be taken into account.
  • Collect good practice examples from existing infrastructures to help determine costs of EOSC and how to fund EOSC.

Target audience:

  • Researchers
  • (inter)national policy makers
  • (international) research infrastructures
  • service providers.

Main outputs
Discussion on different aspects of EOSC: business models (financial aspects, access to services, etc.), federating core etc.


The session will start with a presentation on the current Sustainability WG document. Feedback by the participants will then be provided during a brief town hall discussion. In the second part of the session short pitches of selected contributions will be followed by an open discussion with a final plenary summary from the rapporteur.