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Closing Plenary

Chaired by: Sarah Jones, EOSC FAIR WG

The session focuses on different stakeholder perspectives and visions on the future EOSC roadmap and implementation to understand priorities and insights to help guide future work. The panel will see the participation of representatives from libraries, researchers, RIs, NRENs, international communities, funders.


  • Introduction of panel members by Sarah Jones, DCC & EOSC FAIR WG chair
  • First opening question for panel members and the audience: The governance structure is tasked with having an initial, functioning EOSC by end 2020. What do you see as the most pressing next steps to achieve this?
  • Interactive discussion with the audience moderated by Sarah Jones through the collection of questions via
  • The panel will be closed with the following question: Looking further ahead, beyond 2020, how should the EOSC collaboration be governed and operated to achieve the principles of open sharing and collective action characteristic of a Commons?