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EOSC Key Exploitable Results

Chaired by Tiziana Ferrari, EOSC-hub and Paolo Manghi, OpenAIRE Advance | Room: Helia conference hall


  • To exchange information about Key Exploitable Results as identified by the different EOSC-related projects
  • To identify commonalities, differences and synergies between the identified exploitation paths
  • To identify common positions among the implementation projects
  • To identity issues of general concern that should be brought to the attention of the EOSC governance and the working groups

Target audience:

EOSC governance members and EOSC stakeholders working on the EOSC implementation roadmap and its execution

Main outputs:

  • Awareness of commonalities and synergies involving KERs from different projects and initiatives
  • The definition of community recommendations and issues to be addressed by the EOSC governance (and WGs)


- Opening [15’] Introduction to the session, agenda and goals
- Overview of KERs by area and KER exploitation paths in EOSC, M. Heikkurinen / Innovation Manager, EGI Foundation

Theme 1. EOSC “horizontal” services (in support of thematic/research  infrastructures) [20’], Moderator (P. Manghi, OpenAIRE/ISTI-CNR)


  • EOSC Portal and Marketplace, EOSC Portal collaboration (Tomasz Szepieniec, CYFRONET)
  • The metadata service B2FIND (Anna-Lena Flügel - EUDAT)
  • Elastic Kubernetes as a Service (EKaaS), (Miguel Caballer- UPV)
  • OpenAIRE: Services for Open Science, (Najla Rettberg - OpenAIRE)
  • Our top three exploitable results are training, consultancy and DMPonline (Kevin Ashely - DCC)
  • RDM support services, Finland (Pauli Assinen - Uni Helsinki)

Discussion topic: Experiences, processes and best practices for the provisioning of services of general applicability

Theme 2. The added value of EOSC for providers contributing resources to the EOSC service portfolio [20’] Moderator: (M. Heikkurinen / EGI Foundation)


  • Thematic Services, Data and Cloud, EOSC-synergy (Alberto Azevedo/LNEC, EOSC-Synergy)
  • A Marketplace for the Social Sciences and Humanities, SSHOC (Matej Ďurčo/ACDH)
  • Commercial Cloud Services and Earth Observation Services, OCRE (Paul Rouse/GÈANT)
  • Blue Cloud Data and Services Catalogue, BlueCLoud (Dick Schaap, MARIS)
  • Software repository, a flexible science platform for the analysis of open access data,virtual observatory, data lake cloud services, ESCAPE (TBA)

Discussion topics: What is the added value of EOSC for service providers? What are the incentives EOSC should provide to attract providers?

Theme 3. Quality verification in EOSC, processes and governance [20’] Moderator (T. Ferrari, EGI Foundation)


  • The Hub Service Management System, EOSC-hub (S. Holsinger / EGI Foundation)
  • The FAIR Data Maturity Model, status, plans and outputs, RDA (Edit Herczog, Vision & Values SPRL)
  • EOSC-synergy certification procedures, EOSC-synergy (M. David/LIP)
  • FAIR repository certification mechanisms, FAIRsFAIR (Ilona von Stein/DANS)

Discussion topic: How should the EOSC Portal ensure high quality and how quality verification should be governed?

Closing [15’] Session summary from Rapporteur