Open Science Policies in the context of EOSC - Networking is key!

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Open Science Policies in the context of EOSC - Networking is key!

Chair: Emma Lazzeri, ISTI-CNR, OpenAIRE

This session aims at the following:

  • Providing support to those who need to harmonise OS policies in their context
  • It will also examine the uptake of EOSC in different countries and contexts in order for successful harmonisation.

Targeted at

  • EOSC-related projects - policy alignment at national and institutional level
  • To those supporting policy makers in their work

This session will:

  • Give an overview on how to work together in the EOSC landscape to implement OS policies
  • Showcase the steps for OS policy implementation in different contexts
  • Facilitate an informed discussion about how to get connected in the EOSC environment for OS policies
  • Discuss how to deal with the future challenges in research assessment and how they will connect to policies
  • Provide a chance to contribute your expertise, services to realise Open Science at national settings
  • Illustrate that there are tools to help them


  • An understanding of different perspectives in implementing Open Science policies.
  • What are the benefits Open Science policies can bring to all players.
  • How an horizontal infrastructure can support thematic infra's with Open Science.
  • An interactive session with the audience will explore barriers and requirements for Open Science implementation.


14:30 - 14.45    Introduction - Emma Lazzeri OpenAIRE, ISTI-CNR Italy
14:45 - 15:15    Panel Session - Open Science policies in different contexts

15:15 - 16:30    ‘Town Hall’ Open Discussion with Guided Questions via real time feedback and live pool tool.