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Users at the center of EOSC

Users are the center of EOSC. This session aims at discussing the different level of "EOSC-readiness" of the potential EOSC users (Research Infrastructures, universities and researchers) trying to idenitfy the actions that can put in place to boost "EOSC-adoption".


  • 11:30 - 11:35 Welcome & scope of the session, Anca Hienola, FMI
  • 11:35 - 11:40 Panelists round table: Niklas Blomberg, EOSC-Life; Ron Dekker, SSHOC; Andreas Petzold, ENVRI-FAIR; Andy Gotz, PaNOSC; Giovanni Lamanna, ESCAPE;  Emanuele Storti, Eurodoc; Sverker Holmgren, The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities
  • Your community and EOSC
    • 11:40 - 12:15 How do you link your community (cluster/university/research institute) to the EOSC (and what services do you think you will adopt and use)?
    • 12:15- 12:30 Questions from the audience
  • Do users really know EOSC?
    • Open discussion
      • User requirements should guide the development of EOSC at all times including now, during the design and implementation period. However, the researchers are under-represented in EOSC, at all levels. More than that, the large majority of researchers from research institutes and Universities is not aware of the existence of EOSC. How to solve this problem and how to get from the reality we are facing now to the “Users at the center”.
      • The success of EOSC depends on the number of researchers using it. What message should the EOSC provide to the users and what would be the steps EOSC should pursue in order to reach most of them? Do we need incentives for EOSC? Should the researchers be forced (by some national policies/funders) to use EOSC (e.g. to use EOSC repositories for publications and data if the funding comes from Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe or national funders – this requires coordination between EC and member states to force researchers to bring their results in EOSC)
      • The researchers are under-represented in the EOSC governance. (Do we need a new project focused on reaching and involving researchers or maybe a WG?)
      • Two priority actions that should be put in place to engage researchers.