2nd EOSC EB-GB Team building event

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12 Nov 2019

2nd EOSC EB-GB Team building event

Group Name: 
Governance Board
Executive Board
START: 10 Dec 2019
END: 11 Dec 2019

Governance Board (GB) and Executive Board (EB) are, according to the EOSC Roadmap, the main pivots around which the governance EOSC is structured in this phase. Since March 2019 the two Boards have not only regularly held their internal meetings according to the schedule but they have also managed to achieve several milestones: the definition of a Strategic Implementation Plan, the delineation of a Workplan 2019, the set up of 5 Working Groups and 2 Subgroups, the progressive involvement of the Stakeholder Community, the groundwork for the institution of a Partnership and for the definition of a Minimum Viable Product/Ecosystem.

A contribution to the establishment of a functioning modus co-operandi between the Boards has also been given by the an intense exchange of ideas and opinions, cemented by a positive human bonding, during the Teambuilding event in Munich 7-8 May. The 2-day meeting has been regarded so positively that a second one has been asked for, considering it as an occasion to gather, discuss and assess the results of this first year of activity and then plan Year 2.

In consideration of this, the 2nd EB-GB Teambuilding will take place in Milan, 10-11 December 2019.