Co-Creation Requests

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Projects & Activities Requests Criteria retains a high degree of flexibility in its roll-out plan by adopting a co-creation approach and providing budget for all upcoming, foreseen and unforeseen, activities and actions related to the work of the EOSC Secretariat to support the EOSC Governance.

The project adopts an optimal implementation in terms of coordinating approach, line-up of partners and allocation of budget for co-creation. It is also characterised by being neutral towards the community it is serving and by having a pragmatic approach that is fully dedicated to realising the outcomes of the EOSC design.

To apply for co-creation activities, please fill in this Request Form for Co-creation Activities.

Click here for the full application guidelines, including definitions of eligible costs

The EOSC Sustainability WG identified several priorities for activities related to their area:

  • Costing exercise to determine operational costs of EOSC
  • Additional legal advice to create the legal entity
  • Engagement of the wider public sector and private sectors in EOSC
  • EOSC risk assessment
  • Determine the business models, participation, access, risks, and opportunities for EOSC Exchange
  • Long-term data preservation roles and responsibilities

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These are the monthly deadlines for applications: 7 September - 5 October - 2 November - 2 December. All deadlines are at 17:00 CET/CEST

I. General Information

II. Activity description and detailed specification of costs


Please specify the Start and Finish Date of action/event on the co-creation.


Download and fill up the Co-Creation Request Form to submit your suggestion for a co-creation activity to be funded. 

Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: docx xls xlsx ods xml rar zip.
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx xls xlsx ods xml rar zip.

"In order to respect the rules on funding set by the European Commission, EOSC Secretariat will fund initiatives related to EOSC for an amount of 45.000 EUR max. EOSC Secretariat reserves the right of recurring to public tendering procurement, whose rules will strictly be complied to, for any initiative that exceed the aforementioned threshold."