Co-Creation Requests

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Co-Creation Requests Criteria retains a high degree of flexibility in its roll-out plan by adopting a co-creation approach and providing budget for all upcoming, foreseen and unforeseen, activities and actions related to the work of the EOSC Secretariat to support the EOSC Governance.

The project adopts an optimal implementation in terms of coordinating approach, line-up of partners and allocation of budget for co-creation. It is also characterised by being neutral towards the community it is serving and by having a pragmatic approach that is fully dedicated to realising the outcomes of the EOSC design.

Find out more about the criteria below and fill in the request form to apply.

FAQs, Applying & Eligibility Criteria 

What kinds of activities may be requested for co-creation activities?

Activities and actions which are related to the work of the EOSC Secretariat to support the EOSC Governance (EOSC Executive Board, Governance Board, Stakeholder Forum), specifically within the context of the activities of the Working Groups of the Executive Board, which are:

  • Engaging with Stakeholders/ Coordination (initiatives)
  • Support services for the Working Groups (WGs)
  • Analysis and studies to support EOSC in practice
  • Support services - EOSC Board and Executive Board
  • Communication, Dissemination, Stakeholder forum/events
Who can apply for co-creation activities?
  • Individuals or natural persons and legal entities residing in the Member States of the European Union (EU), including their outermost regions and the associated countries (AC);
  • Applicants who are not receiving support from other instruments (EU or national Research Infrastructure projects) for the proposed activities, and are not being funded from other sources for an identical activity.
What is the application and evaluation criteria? 

The proposed requests will have to clearly demonstrate:

  • Eligibility according to H2020 criteria
  • Activities and actions which are related to the work of the EOSC Secretariat to support the EOSC Governance, in particular the activities of the Executive Board Working Groups, the Governance Board Sub Groups and the Stakeholder Forum
  • Clearly identify the added value to existing EOSC activities
  • Quantified benefits for the EOSC/KPIs and the corresponding outcome
Which costs are eligible?

In order to be eligible, actual costs must be:

    • Actually incurred by the beneficiary, i.e.: Real and not estimated, budgeted or imputed and; Definitively and genuinely borne by the beneficiary (not by any other entity)
    • Incurred for and/or during the action duration. The ‘action duration’ is the period running from the action starting date to the end date of the action and may not go beyond the duration of project being 30th June 2021.
    • Entered as eligible costs in the request form. The eligible costs cannot include costs that did not appear in the estimated budget.
    • Connected to the action (i.e. necessary to achieve the action’s objectives)
    • Identifiable and verifiable (i.e. come directly from the beneficiary’s accounts (be directly reconcilable with them) and supported by documentation). The beneficiaries must be able to show the actual costs, i.e. what was actually paid for the work
    • Reasonable, justified and must comply with the principles of sound financial management, in particular regarding economy and efficiency. ‘Economy’ means minimizing the costs of resources used for an activity (input), while maximizing quality; ‘efficiency’ is the relationship between outputs and the resources used to produce them.
How the funding will need to be justified, and how is it going to be distributed? 

Depending on the sum payments foreseen, an initial and final payment (upon reporting /proof of delivery).

Process of the request

The process will take approximately 30-45 days.


All financial applications will be considered on a case by case basis and on market expectations, so we recommend the applicants provide a transparent and objective analysis of the financial provisioning required. Those applications that clearly respond to how it can pragmatically contribute to EOSC indicating clear benefits/KPIs are encouraged. All applications will be carefully monitored, motivated and justified for project internal, auditing purposes.

To apply for co-creation activities, please fill in this Request Form for Co-creation Activities.

I. General Information

Please specify the Start and Finish Date of action/event on the co-creation.

II. Activity description and detailed specification of costs

Download and fill up the Co-Creation Request Form to submit your suggestion for a co-creation activity to be funded. 

Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: docx xls xlsx ods xml rar zip.

"In order to respect the rules on funding set by the European Commission, EOSC Secretariat will fund initiatives related to EOSC for an amount of 45.000 EUR max. EOSC Secretariat reserves the right of recurring to public tendering procurement, whose rules will strictly be complied to, for any initiative that exceed the aforementioned threshold."

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