Study Suggestion

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Part I

As part of its co-creation activities, EOSC stakeholders may suggest or request studies that will help the EOSC Secretariat or the EOSC governance to co-create the EOSC. Kindly fill the form below to submit your suggestion for a study to be funded. 

Please, provide name for the study
Please define the organisation (Executive Board/Working Group, Governance Board, Secretariat, Stakeholder Forum, other) that is requesting this study
Please, provide a name of the contact person from the EOSC secretariat that is familiar with this study suggestion, and his/her contact details
Please, define the type of the study you would like to have realised
Please, describe the topics to be addressed, the purpose of the study and provide enough details of the study for decision making. The abstract will be used as basis for drafting the Terms of Reference for a tender.
Please, define to which of the six action lines (, page 9) the study will contribute in.
Please, describe how the study will contribute to the implementation of EOSC.
Please define the work of which body of the EOSC governance the study would contribute in (Executive board
Please evaluate the importance of the study
Please evaluate the urgency of the study
You may give a suggestion of who should / could carry out the study
You my provide here more information of your application

Part II

Please, provide your informed estimation of the time needed to carry out the study
Please, privide your informed estimation of the total cost of carrying out the study (including HR and other resources needed)
How such assistance from the Secretariat will be expected for the study (provide estimation inperson in addition to the commissoned / subcontracted resources)
Please, estimate the actual time of delivery of the study
Please, define which kind of other input, if any, will be needed for the study, in addition to what has been described above

Detailed Specification of Costs

Download this file: Co-Creation Request Costs and fill up.

Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: docx xls xlsx ods xml rar zip.

"In order to respect the rules on funding set by the European Commission, EOSC Secretariat will fund initiatives related to EOSC for an amount of 45.000 EUR max. EOSC Secretariat reserves the right of recurring to public tendering procurement, whose rules will strictly be complied to, for any initiative that exceed the aforementioned threshold."