Stakeholder Forum Events

Every year two major events are organized by, the EOSC Symposium and the EOSC event @RDA (both held in Autumn 2019 and 2020). These events are an important opportunity for the EC and EOSC implementation projects to meet stakeholders face-to-face in order to show progress and identify stakeholder requirements for the EOSC. These building the blocks are a vital step making the European Open Science a user-friendly reality.

EOSC is all about enabling the sharing of technology, resources and data across different disciplines. The Forum is an opportunity to gather the views of different communities and service providers who are all part of the EOSC building blocks. Incrementally these can be brought together to create the EOSC.

The events are a key opportunity for researchers, scientists and service providers to share good practices and information on local initiatives to promote open science that could be generalised in EOSC. They also offers the chance to learn more about the EOSC implementation projects such as EOSC-hub, eInfra Central and


                     EOSC at RDAEOSC at RDA


Who should attend?

This workshop is meant for all players in the EOSC ecosystem

Policy makers & Funding bodies (incl. EC)

National & EU e-/digital/infrastructures

National & EU funded projects & initiatives

International initiatives & SDOs

Research & Academia Organisations

Researchers and Research Support


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