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Rita Meneses's picture
23 Oct 2020

ESCAPE – bringing Astronomy, Particle & Nuclear Physics into the Open Science Landscape: New video online

  • By Rita Meneses

ESCAPE has produced a brief animated video explaining how ESCAPE is accelerating scientific discoveries by ensuring open access and long-term data usability for astronomy, particle & nuclear physics, while contributing to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), a vision of the European Commission of a large infrastructure to support and develop open science and open innovation in Europe and beyond.

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23 Oct 2020

EOSC-Pillar WEBINAR: The role of policies for a sustainable EOSC - 27 October 14:00 CET

  • By Federico Drago

Register now and join the EOSC-Pillar webinar on 27 October at 14:00 CET, focusing on the role of policies for a sustainable EOSC.

Policies can contribute to fostering principles of open science and open data. In this webinar, representatives from funding bodies and universities as well as EOSC stakeholders discuss the role and consequences of policies on a national and institutional level, and how they interact. Further discussion points will be e.g. the consequences of open access policies and to what extent policies can be regarded as an indicator for sustainability.

Register now

Dale Robertson's picture
20 Oct 2020

New Draft Rules of Participation for EOSC Available For Comments

  • By Dale Robertson

The Rules of Participation are intended to underpin the policies, processes and procedures required to provide assurance of openness, quality and trust in the practices and services offered through voluntary participation in EOSC. Feedback will help develop the proposed initial set of Rules of Participation for the EOSC. Please provide your comments about this latest draft version here on the Liaison Platform (you will need to log in to the platform to post comments), up to Monday 2 November 2020.  Comments will be taken into account in the next version.

This draft of the rules will be the subject of an interactive discussion at a session at the EOSC Symposium on Thursday 22 October which will also provide the opportunity to provide feedback. Further information about the Symposium is available from

Daniel Mallmann's picture
20 Oct 2020

EOSC Architecture PID, AAI and SIRS Task Forces - Draft documents out for comments

  • By Daniel Mallmann

The Architecture Working Group is releasing three documents delivered by its Task Forces on Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI), Persistent Identifiers (PID) and Scholarly Infrastructures for Research Software (SIRS). We welcome comments and suggestions from the community on any aspect of the documents until the 10th of November.

Sarah Jones's picture
19 Oct 2020

Provide feedback on the second draft of FAIR Metrics for EOSC

  • By Sarah Jones

The EOSC FAIR Working Group is tasked to provide recommendations on metrics to assess FAIR data in EOSC. A second draft of the report is released to gather community comments. 

The report contains an analysis of activities relevant to the definition of FAIR Metrics in the EOSC context. It makes recommendations on the definition and implementation of metrics, proposes a set of metrics for FAIR data in EOSC to be extensively tested, offers an analysis of gaps and potential opportunities for extension, and defines priorities for future work.

We welcome feedback on the document. You can download the report below. Comments can either be left here on the EOSC Liaison Platform (you need to login to respond to this post), posted as comments in the shared document ( or if preferred you can email them to We encourage people to respond openly to promote community discussion and consensus....

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12 Oct 2020

Help us shape the future of the Blue-Cloud! Take our short survey

  • By Federico Drago

Dear EOSC community, As we start taking the first steps towards co-creating the Blue-Cloud Strategic Roadmap to 2030, we would like to inform you that we have now launched our first online survey to consult the marine community on the vision for the Blue-Cloud. We hereby invite you to help us shape the future of the Blue-Cloud by responding to this short, 15-minute survey and spreading the word to your teams and wider contacts, so they too can individually contribute to co-design this collective effort.

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12 Oct 2020

SSHOC Webinar: Sharing Datasets of Pathological Speech

  • By Filomena Minichiello

Corpora and datasets of pathological speech are hard to get simply because they are hard to share. In this webinar we will present and explore several alternatives for sharing such sensitive data. The webinar is interesting for all who struggle with sharing and obtaining similar types of data.    


Topics for discussion include:

  • Progress achieved by the DELAD initiative for sharing corpora of speech disorders (CSD) and the role of the CLARIN Knowledge Centre on Atypical Communication Expertise 
  • GDPR and the ethics of special category data relevant for collecting and sharing CSD
  • How storing and sharing CSD is arranged in a GDPR compliant way at the Language Archive of the Max Plank Institute for Psycholinguistics and the collaboration with the Talkbank at CMU
  • Infrastructure requirements for secure remote access to sensitive research data with diverse legal (e.g. social media terms of service), ethical (e.g. children as subjects), and technical (e.g. audio and video) challenges, and
  • ...

Sara Di Giorgio's picture
06 Oct 2020

ICDI position paper on SRIA consultation - Insights from the Italian Computing & Data Infrastructure

  • By Sara Di Giorgio

The ICDI Executive Board has published 'Turning Open Science and Open Innovation into reality', a position paper summarising the views expressed in response to the open consultation for the EOSC Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), closed on the 31st of August. The position paper aims at sharing the view of the ICDI members on the European Open Science Cloud mission and evolution and provides insightful input and suggestions about the current draft of the SRIA document, as shared with the wider EOSC community, with the aim of helping to shape its vision and strategy.

Download the position paper here!

Federico Drago's picture
05 Oct 2020

Blue-Cloud webinar: Fish, a matter of scales - Expanding cross-domain digital resources for fisheries management

  • By Federico Drago

After the successful first webinar in June 2020, introducing the five demonstrators, the Blue-Cloud project is organising a series of individual virtual meetings on each one of them. The webinar "Fish, a matter of scales" takes place on 14 October at 14:00 CEST. Register now!


Sophie Servan's picture
28 Sep 2020

European Photon and Neutron Symposium and PaNOSC & ExPaNDS annual meeting: registration open!

  • By Sophie Servan

The European Open Science Cloud Photon and Neutron Data Service (ExPaNDS) and the Photon and Neutron Open Science Cloud (PaNOSC) projects are organizing, jointly with the Extreme-Light-Infrastructure (ELI), a “Photon and Neutron EOSC symposium” on 9 November 2020 followed by the “2020 PaNOSC & ExPaNDS Annual meeting” on 10-11 November 2020.

The Photon and Neutron user communities are diverse and wide-ranging in their requirements. However, both require mapping of experimental data to published research papers as well as interfaces for reusing data for their own benefit and that of the science they are involved with.

This first joint symposium of the two projects is a great opportunity to get acquainted with a broad range of topics related to FAIR open data and open science at PaN sources, and to actively contribute to the construction of the EOSC

The symposium will start at 13:00...

Jonna Helenius's picture
23 Sep 2020

EOSC-Nordic Open Symposium 25.9.2020

  • By Jonna Helenius

The meeting will take place via Zoom from 9:45 to 12:30 CEST. Besides interesting talks from all the work package leaders, the online event will feature several interesting elements; among others, there will be a Finish artist and graphic facilitator capturing the Symposium the whole time.

See the agenda and register on our website.

Upon registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the Zoom link.

We look very much forward to seeing you!

Katharina Flicker's picture
22 Sep 2020

Services to perform cutting-edge research in Europe

  • By Katharina Flicker

The EOSC initiative aims at supporting more than 1.7 million researchers and boosting interdisciplinary research in Europe. To understand better what the research community needs, the EOSCSecretariat partner TUWien is organizing a series of workshops and an exploration series. The objective is to collect visions, needs and requirements for (future) research environments as well as services that support cutting-edge research. Attached to this post is an interim list of a collection of services.

Rudolf Dimper's picture
18 Sep 2020

Research-oriented services, trust, collaboration, sustainability - key messages from the ESFRI Science Clusters and e-Infrastructures

  • By Rudolf Dimper

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) will “enable a trusted, virtual, federated environment in Europe to store, share and reuse digital outputs from research (including publications, data, metadata and software) across borders and scientific disciplines”1. Today, at the end of 2020, many building blocks are in place and on-going EOSC projects endeavour to enrich the EOSC ecosystem. To ensure strong engagement by research communities, we believe that this is the time to re-orient the EOSC activities towards higher relevance for these communities.

The ESFRI Science Cluster projects and the European e-Infrastructure organisations believe that the following points need careful consideration and reflection on how to integrate them in the EOSC roadmap:

  • Research-oriented services: Our vision is an EOSC which is an inclusive and federated ecosystem based on FAIR data and other open science outputs, integrating many services such as data visualisation, analysis and physical resources to store and re-use data
  • ...

Sophie Servan's picture
17 Sep 2020

Put the scientific user communities at the centre of EOSC - ExPaNDS and PaNOSC's suggestions to the SRIA

  • By Sophie Servan

EOSC is Europe’s virtual environment for all researchers to store, manage, analyse and re-use data for research, innovation and educational purposes. It will give Europe a global lead to ensure that scientists reap the full benefits of data-driven science.

The construction of EOSC started in 2015 and today, at the end of 2020, many building blocks are in place and a number of on-going EOSC projects, among which ExPaNDS and PaNOSC, endeavour to enrich the EOSC ecosystem. Yet, uptake by the scientific communities remains low and many aspects of EOSC are still of limited practical value to our research communities.

With the creation of the EOSC Association and the new Horizon Europe framework programme taking shape, we believe that it is timely to put the scientific user community at the centre of the EOSC construction, knowing that the scientific uptake will be the main KPI for measuring the...

Katharina Flicker's picture
16 Sep 2020

Visions, requirements and needs for Future Research Environments in the Healthcare domain

  • By Katharina Flicker

As partner of the project consortium EOSCSecretariat, TU Wien is responsible for Researcher Engagement. This task comprises the organization of workshops, consultations and an exploration series with members from university networks, funding bodies and various research communities. In order to address the latter in a structured way, TU Wien brought experts from the healthcare domain together to discuss their visions, needs and requirements for future research environments. If you are interested in further details and this session's findings - among them a collection of services - please, check out this post.

Katharina Flicker's picture
14 Sep 2020

EOSC Interest Group on Researcher Engagement and Use Cases: A Collection of EOSC Use Cases

  • By Katharina Flicker

Many EOSC Use Cases and EOSC in practice stories have been carried out since the EOSC initiative was launched. Given the amount of EOSC related projects, however, keeping track of and learning from the plenty experiences gathered is often a hard thing to do. If you're interested in how the EOSC Interest Group (IG) Researcher Engagement and Use Cases tried to meet these challenges, keep on reading, please!


Rob Carrillo's picture
14 Sep 2020

Provide your feedback now: EOSC-hub Briefing Paper on Cross-Border Services

  • By Rob Carrillo

EOSC-hub announces the publication of its Briefing Paper on Cross-Border Services in the EOSC, and the opening of a public consultation to collect feedback on its recommendations, which relate to ways to more successfully match demand for and supply of services for research, and to the funding of cross-border services.

The consultation is open until 9 October 2020 and is supported by an EOSC-hub webinar on 15 September which will present the paper’s contents and provide the opportunity for discussion.

For more information, please see the full announcement and link to the survey on the EOSC-hub website