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About the EOSC Service and Research Product Catalogues Interest Group


This IG will focus on the EOSC catalogues for Services, for Data sources and Research products. EOSC will provide a set of "enabling catalogues" that will facilitate the use and re-use of services in support of data-driven research(e.g. computing, storage, scholarly communication, thematic, etc.), data available in a multitude of sources (e.g. repositories, data archives, software archives, libraries, publishers, etc), and scientific products (e.g. publications, research data, research software, other products). Such enabling catalogues will keep an up to date map of the the resources of the EOSC by interoperating at the technological and policy level with similar catalogues grown by the scientific communities, clusters, the RIs, and the eInfrastructures.


The IG will discuss the criticalities, identify challenges, and recommend possible solutions for the operation of this ecosystem of catalogues by gathering the current status of the various projects and initiatives working on the topic, examining their outputs and collating feedback and input to them from the many projects the IG will represent. The concept of the IG is to share the vision of EOSC catalogues grown in contributing projects such as EOSC-Hub and OpenAIRE.


Topics of discussion


The IG will discuss several aspects related to EOSC catalogues and onboarding mechanisms, gather existing work and experiences, and analyse use-cases in order to identify:


  1. The types of catalogues are enablers of the EOSC and the relationships/overlaps with the notion of “marketplaces”;

  2. The architectural vision underlying coexistence of EOSC enabling catalogues and catalogues operated by scientific communities, clusters, the RIs, and the eInfrastructures  (e.g. how National catalogues, thematic catalogues can/should interoperate with EOSC catalogues or between them);

  3. The problems related with the onboarding processes and procedures for the registration of “services”, “data sources”, and “research products” in the different EOSC catalogues (e.g. validation, delegation of validation to local catalogues, criteria of validation); 

  4. The legal/ethical restrictions and sustainability challenges required to ensure onboarding of data processing services, data sources, and scientific products into the EOSC;

  5. The trust federation needed to ensure that the different Rules of Participation are met.


It will also act as a forum for sharing or practical experiences between projects on these topics, such that, for instance, the experience of those already onboarding services to portfolios and catalogues who can provide hints on how to avoid common problems, and those at an earlier stage of development can provide new and innovative approaches not previously considered. Technologies can be assessed and shared, and procedures adapted from one group to another.

The findings of this IG will feed directly into the work of various projects implementing portfolios and catalogues for EOSC as well as to the EOSC Working Groups (WGs) and Executive Board (EB) and  oversee the development of the EOSC.


About the EOSC Interest Groups (IGs)


The Interest Groups (IGs) were created to give the EOSC related community the opportunity to collaborate, share information, and discuss EOSC related topics. A first set of four IGs have been approved by the projects participating at the EOSC Coordination Day in Budapest, on November 28-29 2019.

The EOSCSecretariat.eu set up an IT platform to support the Interest Groups in their activities. This platform includes a workspace based on a public and open collaborative virtual space where the members can discuss, share documents and structure their collaboration. 

The Interest Groups are open to all members of the EOSC community and EOSC-related projects, no limit in the number of participants from a single project is envisaged. Private area of discussion can be implemented upon request.

Each Interest Group is facilitated by at least one member of the EOSCsecretariat.eu.


How to join the EOSC Interest Groups

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Recent Activity

Rob Carrillo's picture
22 Mar 2021

Invitation: Cloud and Earth Observation Procurement, Funding Updates and the OCRE Cloud Catalogue Webinar

  • By Rob Carrillo

In this general update webinar, the project will provide an update on some of the key developments in the project including the conclusion of the OCRE IaaS+ Tender and the signing of more than 400 framework agreements, the presentation of the OCRE Cloud Catalogue of commercial cloud services for the European research community, the validation test suite for suppliers, research projects selected to receive adoption funding support. as well as some of the work in progress for Earth Observation digital services procurement. 

Jos Vanwezel's picture
13 Sep 2020

FInding and managing services in multiple service catalogs

  • By Jos Vanwezel

Dear all,

The project EOSC Pillar is discussing the use of service catalogs in national context and plans to deploy a pilot. This activity may have consequences for the operation of EOSC. For this thread I focus on the technical consequences. Together with Luciano Gaido and Leonardo Candela, who are leading project tasks to implement a functional services catalog we started thinking how the Pillar catalog could interact with the EOSC-hub catalog and for that matter with others, since we must assume other (existing) catalogs want to join as well.

The construction of a federation of catalogs or similar seems useful and I like to understand what activity is already undertaken to make that possible. What work was done on standardisation of (service) descriptions so they can be exchanged easily, similarly regarding the communication between catalogs? Are there solutions we can borrow from the experience with data catalogs? Have you...

Andrea Mannocci's picture
27 May 2020

Open discussion for defining "onboarding"

  • By Andrea Mannocci

Dear all,
In the context of the INFRAEOSC-Call 5 projects, an open discussion of what “service onboarding” means has recently started, and a few definitions/observations have been suggested.
On this matter, another contribution has emerged during the just ended EOSC-hub week, where Owen Appleton brought forward another valid point of view in his talks.

Clarifying the meaning of onboarding is of paramount importance to have a common understanding of it, and to be able to identify the types of Rules of Participation that have to be introduced to regulate it. As this IG seems an ideal venue for this discussion, in order to get started with all of you, the three contributions have been collated and reported below.

Do you agree with them? Do you have alternative definitions/comments /suggestions?
Your contribution is really appreciated. By contributing to this discussion, you will also help the identification of a precise...

Sophie Servan's picture
26 May 2020

ExPaNDS survey: what would researchers be searching for if they had access to a catalogue of Photon and Neutron science data?

  • By Sophie Servan

Dear all,

In ExPaNDS we have created a questionnaire to survey researchers and data miners on what they would be searching for if they had access to a database of Photon and Neutron science related data. We'll use the results to build search tools for our future EOSC data catalogues that best meet peoples needs.

The link to the form is here. It consists of 4 main questions:

  • Who: is searching for the data – what is their role and motivation (e.g. are they the data owner looking to find and re-process their data or are they the non-data owner but facility user wanting to look for additional work)
  • What: is being searched for? Is it processed data or some information about a sample?
  • How: Are they searching for it? What are the search criteria and, importantly, how might the user refine the
  • ...

Andrea Mannocci's picture
12 Feb 2020

[Reminder] Welcome survey

  • By Andrea Mannocci


thank you again for joining in the IG.
This is just a gentle reminder.

To kickstart this IG, we kindly ask you to help us collect information that may be relevant for the future activities of the group.
We prepared a short survey intended to know better the current state of the art of the services and research products in your community of reference. 
Please fill it in at https://forms.gle/hwgvprpDdD4JZwnx5.

Best regards,

Andrea Mannocci's picture
31 Jan 2020

Welcome to the Interest Group on EOSC Service and Research Product Catalogues

  • By Andrea Mannocci

Hello everybody and welcome to the Service and Research Product Catalogues IG!

Following the outcomes of the Coordination Day specific breakout sessions on “Catalogues of services and research results” and “Onboarding”, this Interest Group was launched.
To kickstart this IG, we kindly ask you to help us collect information that may be relevant for the future activities of the group.
We prepared a short survey intended to know better the current state of the art of the services and research products in your community of reference. 
Please fill it in at https://forms.gle/hwgvprpDdD4JZwnx5.