Landscape Working Group

Mapping of the existing research infrastructures in Europe which are candidates to be part of the EOSC federation



 Jan Hrusak


The Landscape activity has been assigned with the task of providing options allowing a progressive EOSC convergence and alignment of structures and initiatives in Europe including national research infrastructures and e-infrastructures, national open science policies, ESFRI RIs and cluster projects, thematic initiatives and clouds, EOSC-relevant H2020 projects and international working groups (such as RDA, etc.).

The Landscape activity builds on the outcomes of the EOSC-related Horizon 2020 projects and on the inputs provided by the Member states.

The Landscape activity is expected to:

1. Deliver the mapping of EOSC-relevant national infrastructures and the current level of spending on research data infrastructures as follows:

  • an initial mapping by Q3 2019, based on what’s existing in EOSC-Hub and other related projects, as well as any contribution by Governing Board members;
  • a revised and final mapping by Q4 2019 with the input by the new INFRAEOEC-5b cluster of projects (to build on top of the initial mapping when they kick-off their activities in September 2019).
  • The mapping should take into consideration the Conclusion no 10 of the Draft Council conclusions on the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).[1]

2. Take stock of federation constraints and opportunities at the various architectural levels, arising from national and regional structures and initiatives

3. Propose mechanisms and best practices that will facilitate convergence and alignment between European, national and regional structures and initiatives.

4. Conduct an analysis of the Member State’s level of preparedness to provide financial resources and support for political stability and infrastructural planning to EOSC


  • Q4 2019: Draft of the analysis presented to the EB
  • Q3 2020: Report presented to the EB

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[1] “INVITES the Commission and the Member States therefore, to jointly explore the creation of a map of national research data infrastructures and initiatives in the Member States which could be federated, in order to ensure that current structures, competences, functions, and initiatives regarding research data management are duly taken into account;” Draft Council conclusions on the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), 9029/18.

Working Group Architecture members

Landscape WG role: Landscape WG chair

Organisation: Ministry / Czech Academy of Sciences, ESFRI - ESFRI Chair, Senior research fellow

Jan Hrušák
Landscape WG role: Landscape WG Co-chair

Organisation: European Spallation Source ERIC - Director-General

John Womersley
Landscape WG role: EOSCsecretariat Contact Point for the Landscape WG

Organisation: CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd. - Junior Coordinator

Iiris Liinamaa
Landscape WG role: EOSCsecretariat Contact Point for the Landscape WG

Organisation: CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd. -

Saara Kontro
Landscape WG role: Landscape WG Rapporteur

Organisation: EOSC Landscape WG -

Alizeé Francey
Landscape WG role: EC Contact Point

Organisation: Directorate-General Research and Innovation (DG RTD) of the European Commission - Policy Officer at the Open Science Unit

Thomas Neidenmark
Landscape WG role: EC Contact Point

Organisation: EC Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CNECT) - Responsible for the strategy development of EU policies for smart infrastructures, including energy and transport

Christian Kirchsteiger
Landscape WG role: EC Contact Point

Organisation: European Commission -

Christos Chatzimichail

Organisation: Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC); Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) - Director; Professor for computer science

Achim Streit

Organisation: PSNC - Head of Network Technology Division

Artur Binczewski

Organisation: University of Belgrade - Information specialist

Biljana Kosanovic

Organisation: University of Minho - Director Libraries

Eloy Rodrigues

Organisation: ASI - Italian Space Agency - Research Scientist

Gianluca Polenta

Organisation: BME -

Imre Szeberényi

Organisation: Swiss National Science Foundation -

Isabel Bolliger

Organisation: EOSC-synergy -

Isabel Campos

Organisation: University of Tartu Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden - Researcher in biodiversity informatics

Kessy Abarenkov

Organisation: JISC -

Matthew Dovey

Organisation: The Research Council of Norway - Special Adviser in the Division for Science and the Research System

Odd Ivar Eriksen

Organisation: TU Wien - TU Wien Library (international projects)

Paolo Budroni

Organisation: General Secretariat of Research and Technology (GSRT) -

Petros Sampatakos

Organisation: University of Malta - Chief Information Officer & Director of IT Services

Robert Sultana

Organisation: University of Groningen, the Netherlands - Director of CIT (CIO of the university)

Ronald Stolk

Organisation: ECOOM, Hasselt University & euroCRIS -

Sadia Vancauwenbergh

Organisation: The Swedish Research Council - Senior Research Officer

Sanja Halling

Organisation: Tampere University - Manager of Open Science Services

Susanna Nykyri

Organisation: Ministry of Science and Higher Education - Denmark -

Thomas Midtgaard

Organisation: OpenAIRE – Cyprus NOAD, at the University of Cyprus -

Vasiliki (Sylvia) V. Koukounidou

Organisation: CNRS / IN2P3 - Scientific director for Computing and Data Science

Volker Beckmann

Organisation: Vilnius University Library - Director of Scholarly Communication and Technologies Department

Žibutė Petrauskienė