EOSC Executive Board

Executive board role: Co-chair, CESAER Representative

Organisation: CESAER - Rector Magnificus Emeritus at the Delft University of Technology


Executive board role: Co-chair, GÉANT Representative

Organisation: GÉANT - (CCO)

Cathrin STÖVER

Executive board role: Main Contact for the EOSC Executive Board

Organisation: European Commission - Policy Officer - European Open Science Cloud and Open Science policies

Corina PASCU

Executive board role: Architecture WG chair, Individual Expert

Organisation: Inria - Researcher, Emeritus Senior Scientist

Jean-Francois ABRAMATIC

Executive board role: Rules of Participation (Rop) WG Chair, Research Data Alliance (RDA) Representative

Organisation: Research Data Alliance - RDA, STFC - Head of Data Division


Executive board role: Landscape WG chair, Individual Expert

Organisation: Czech Academy of Sciences, ESFRI - ESFRI Chair, Senior research fellow


Executive board role: FAIR WG chair, Individual expert

Organisation: Digital Curation Centre (DCC) - DCC Associate Director


Executive board role: Sustainability WG co-chair, Science Europe Representative

Organisation: Science Europe - Interim Secretary General of Science Europe

Conor O'Carroll

Executive board role: Sustainability WG co-chair, EMBL Representative

Organisation: EMBL - Head of IT

Rupert LÜCK

Executive board role: OpenAIRE Representative

Organisation: OpenAIRE Managing Director - Researcher

Natalia MANOLA

Executive board role: European Spallation Source ERIC Representative

Organisation: European Spallation Source ERIC - Director-General


Executive board role: CESSDA Representative

Organisation: CESSDA ERIC - CEO/Managing Director/Chief Executive

Ron Dekker