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29 Jun 2020

First intermediate version of the EOSC glossary released

  • By Dario Mangione

A first intermediate version of the EOSC glossary is available for comments:
EOSC glossary (June 2020)
While attempting to provide an initial definition of the EOSC, this version consists mainly of the basic concepts that are required to create the concept system and targets the infrastructure domain.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as this first set of concepts will affect the entire development of the glossary.

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27 May 2020

Towards a shared EOSC definition

  • By Dario Mangione

As it is known to all of us there is not yet a unique definition of EOSC. Someone believes that it is not correct to give such a unique definition since the meaning depends on the perspective EOSC is observed from. For example, you may observe it from the perspective of a researcher willing to exploit its functionality or you may observe it as a developer of its technological solutions.

The lack of such a shared definition, however, makes it difficult to present EOSC to new stakeholders and explain to them what is its unique value proposition.

To address this problem, a number of EOSC authoritative documents published from 2015 since today have been analysed to identify possible EOSC characterising properties.

The analysis showed that EOSC can be characterised as a system:

  1. resulting from the activities and initiatives promoted by the European Commission to support the European policy on
  2. ...

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10 Mar 2020

Survey on SSH Vocabularies as part of the SSHOC Project

  • By Clara Petitfils

Dear EOSC Glossary IG members, 
The Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud or "SSHOC" H2020 project has recently launched a survey in order to better understand and map social sciences and humanities (SSH) vocabularies practices within the research communities. This survey aims to collect as much feedbacks as possible in order to conduct a thorough analysis, that will result in a deliverable by the end of this year (december 2020).

I am sharing with you the link of this survey, hopping you could help, either by answering it yourself, or by sharing it to your own network. 

The survey's deadline is April 30th 2020 :

I thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards, 

Clara Petitfils
European Project Manager - CNRS/Huma-Num

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31 Jan 2020

Welcome to the Glossary Interest Group

  • By Donatella Castelli

The interdisciplinary nature characterizing the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative is one of the main reasons behind frequent terminological overlaps (and the consequential misunderstandings that derive from them), creating the need for a glossary that provides a common basis for disambiguating the terms which are deemed necessary for actual communication between the different groups involved. While many glossaries are publicly available, because of the different viewpoints adopted none of them can cover all the acceptations required for a complex system like the EOSC, rendering the simple collection of existing definitions nearly ineffective. To create a glossary that is consistent and agreeable to all the parties involved it is indeed necessary to review current uses and definitions, starting from the recognized authoritative bodies or authors and to adopt a common framework of principles and procedures regarding the terminology work required to create a concept system that will mediate between the different...