Recent Activity: EOSC Liaison Platform

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25 Mar 2020

REMINDER: Open Call for a team of experts to perform a study on legal and regulatory issues related to the application of FAIR principles

  • By Federico Drago

The EOSC FAIR Working Group is looking for a team of experts to develop and deliver a study on legal and regulatory issues related to the application of FAIR principles across and within different EU jurisdictions. Call closes on 17 April 2020 (12:00 CET)


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20 Mar 2020

FAIR requirements for persistence and interoperability & Policy Recommendations: feedback needed on FAIRsFAIR deliverables

  • By Sara Pittonet Gaiarin

Dear EOSC colleagues,

During these days when everybody is online, we hope to make your time richer by inviting you to comment on two recent deliverables released by FAIRsFAIR for which a Request for Comments is open:

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16 Mar 2020

Reminder: Open call for for a consultant to write the analytical part of the Landscape analysis report from the EOSC Landscape WG

  • By Federico Drago

This is a reminder about the Open Call launched by the EOSC Landscape Working Group, looking for a consultant to write the analytical part of the Landscape analysis report. Call closes on 23 March 2020 (12:00 pm CET)


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19 Feb 2020

ESFRI cluster projects - Position papers on expectations and planned contributions to the EOSC

  • By Federico Drago

The ESFRI cluster projects, ESCAPE, ENVRI-FAIR, SSHOC, PaNOSC and EOSC-Life, produced concise position papers featuring their views and expectations about EOSC as well as the ESFRI contributions to the European data infrastructure. The papers were collected by EOSC Secretariat in a unique file, and made available online.



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14 Feb 2020

Interim recommendations for FAIR metrics and service certification to apply within EOSC

  • By Sarah Jones

The EOSC FAIR Working Group is tasked to provide recommendations on metrics to assess FAIR data and frameworks to certify services that enable FAIR. The Working Group set up a Metrics and Certification Task Force co-chaired by Françoise Genova and Magnus Aronsen to develop our recommendations. Two interim documents are released today for feedback.


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06 Feb 2020

The ARCHIVER tender is out: tender documents and information session

  • By Sara Pittonet Gaiarin

Dear all,

I am writing on behalf of the ARCHIVER project to announce the publication of its Request for Tenders for the provision of R&D services for long-term preservation and archiving for scientific data.
Interested firms and consortia have until 31 March 2020 – 4:00 pm (Europe/Zurich time zone) to submit their bids. Follow this link to access the Tender Documents:

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29 Jan 2020

Launch of international DSCC network

  • By Bert Meerman

International Network of FAIR Data Stewardship Competence Centers launched

An interesting and very positive trend is the fact that more and more institutes and universities are hiring and training data stewards to assist researchers with their data management plans and in making their data FAIR. This allows researchers to concentrate on his/her domain and for the data steward to develop into an expert. The grouping of data stewards in FAIR Data Steward Competence Centers (DSCC) is the latest trend seen in a number of countries.

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04 Dec 2019

EOSC Federating Core - Updated Proposals and First Draft Community Position Paper Now Available for Comments

  • By Dale Robertson

The EOSC-hub project has produced updated proposals for the composition and organisation of the Federating Core of the EOSC.  Also available is a working draft of a Community Position Paper on the EOSC Federating Core, produced cooperatively by nine EOSC implementation projects.  Comments on both documents are invited until 16 December 2019.