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04 Mar 2022

EOSC-Pillar: Illustrating the benefits of EOSC for research communities in Germany

  • By Federico Drago

The virtual conference organised on 23 February 2022 by EOSC-Pillar welcomed 140 people and highlighted the relationship between EOSC and key actors in the German Open Science community. This well-received event highlighted the relationship between EOSC and (National Research Data Infrastructure) NFDI.

Read the post-event report:

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02 Mar 2022

Online TRIPLE training "The GoTriple Trust Building System" - 16 March 2022 at 2pm CET

  • By Tiziana Lombardo

The TRIPLE Consortium is pleased to invite you to attend the next training session about the GoTriple Trust Building System (TBS) taking place on 16th of March 2022 at 2pm (CET).

This workshop will be devoted specifically to getting acquainted with the GoTriple Trust Building System (TBS), a tool that enables SSH researchers to find reliable partners and connect with them through their network. It will provide answers to the following questions, among others:

  • How to create a profile
  • How to post a request
  • How to interact with peers (invitations, introductions, group creation)

Book your space now! Register here: 

Date: Wednesday, 16 March 2022, 14.00 – 15.30 (CET)

Presenter: Gaël van Weyenbergh, Maxime Bouillard (MEOH)

Moderator: Erzsébet Tóth-Czifra (DARIAH-ERIC)

Venue: Virtual event via Zoom, link will be provided after registration....

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01 Mar 2022

Consultation on the EOSC Multi-Annual Roadmap for 2023-24

  • By Sarah Jones

The EOSC Association has developed a Multi-Annual Roadmap for the 2023-24 period and opened a three-week consultation to gather community views on the priorities and outcomes proposed. The MAR will form part of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), which defines the general framework for future research, development and innovation activities in relation to the EOSC.

The 2023/24 MAR builds on work conducted in the previous phase of development. It also draws from the European Commission’s forthcoming Work Programme to identify new areas of interest such as data quality, digital preservation and infrastructure for sharing sensitive data from public authorities.

These priorities are grouped under the three overarching objectives in the SRIA and are assigned to three levels of implementation: European, National and Institutional. The MAR has been developed by the EOSC Association Board of Directors in collaboration with the thirteen Task Forces established last year. You...

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24 Feb 2022

SSHOC Final Conference

  • By Serenella Muradore Gallas

SSHOC partners and stakeholders are coming together on 6 and 7 April  in Brussels and online for the SSHOC Final Conference titled “Advancing SSH Research with SSHOCingly good and sustainable Resources”.

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21 Feb 2022

EOSC Nordic: Value and limitations of FAIR assessment tools

  • By Bert Meerman

Read all about a very interesting EOSC Nordic Webinar on the VALUE and LIMITATIONS of FAIR Evaluators.
This Webinar (  called FAIRification Step 5) took place on Tuesday 8 Feb 2022 and attracted 120 participants.


The details can be found on the EOSC Nordic website, where you will find presentations, main conslusions,

recorded video's and where you will get a feeling for the webinar' s chat content.

Go to the link :

for the full content . . .


For questions, please contact 

Bert Meerman -  Director GO FAIR Foundation and Task leader for  WP 4.1.3. of the EOSC Nordic project.

email is :




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21 Feb 2022

Webinar: Test the Virtual Labs - Zoo & Phytoplankton EOV Products

  • By Federico Drago

After the successful Blue-Cloud Hackhathon, which welcomed more than 30 teams from all around the world, the Blue-Cloud project is launching a new webinar series to invite the entire marine research community to test the Blue-Cloud Virtual Labs. Blue-Cloud is the thematic entry point to EOSC for the marine research community.

The Zoo & Phytoplankton EOV Products Virtual Lab is developed by the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ), in collaboration with the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Sorbonne University and GeoHydrodynamics and Environment Research (GHER) at the University of Liège.

This Virtual Lab provides a description of the current state of the plankton communities and forecasts their evolution, representing valuable information for the modelling, assessment and management of the marine ecosystem. 

Register now

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14 Feb 2022

Registrations now open for the online TRIPLE training "The Importance of User-Centred Design for Open Science" - 16 February 2022 at 2pm CET

  • By Tiziana Lombardo

The TRIPLE Consortium is pleased to invite you to attend the next training session on The Importance of User-Centred Design for Open Science taking place on February 16th, 2022 at 14:00-15:30 CET.

This training event will be devoted specifically to giving an understanding of the importance of the co-design process and the impact it has on the development of digital tools such as the GoTriple Discovery platform. It will provide answers to the following questions, among others:

  • Why is it important to consider end-user needs when designing a discovery platform?

  • Which methods did the TRIPLE Project use to do this and what kind of insights has it given?

  • Why is having SSH researchers on-board with the design process so important?

  • What are the next steps for the GoTriple platform now we

  • ...

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14 Feb 2022

EOSC Ask Me Anything: Data Storage

  • By Nell Van den Plas

On1 February, EOSC Future hosted its first in a series of ‘ask me anything’ webinars, which will take place on the first Tuesday of every month.During the hour-long session, participants will be able to ask questions and discuss about a variety of EOSC services and resources. Each session will take place online from 14.00-15.00 CET.

The next webinar is 01/03/2022, with the topic: Software. You can register:

More dates and topics are coming throughout 2022-2023. Eventually, the webinars will cover all resource categories on the EOSC Portal.

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09 Feb 2022

Making Open Research Europe future-proof; plans for a sustainable and robust publishing platform

  • By Athina Papadopoulou

With the approach of the one-year anniversary of Open Research Europe (ORE), the open access publishing platform launched by the European Commission, it is timely to review how the platform is going and look at how robust and future-proof it is. The platform provides all H2020 and Horizon Europe beneficiaries and their collaborators with an easy, high-quality platform to publish Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe funded research at no cost and in full compliance with the Commission’s open access policies.
The vision of ORE is to deliver high quality, reliable and efficient publishing venue for EU research and a sustainable venue where grantees can publish post-grant the results of their work, while respecting their open access obligations. The European Commission’s ambition is for ORE to lead by example in operationalising open science principles within scientific publishing while contributing to transparency and cost-effectiveness and exploring sustainable open access publishing business...

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01 Feb 2022

Securely store and publish research data with DICE services

  • By Serenella Muradore Gallas

The objective of this webinar is to showcase three DICE services available for different scientific communities. During the webinar, the service providers will present solutions for storing and publishing research data.  We will give an overview of each service and briefly explain how to gain access to the service at no cost until June 2023. The service providers will also provide an outlook on continuity of their respective services beyond after the DICE project ends.

The webinar is free and open to all, but researchers and research organisations are highly encouraged to attend, particularly those looking for services that can enable storing and publishing their research data. Research community managers and repository managers in academic or research institutions may also find the session informative.


Info and Registration...

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01 Feb 2022

Join the FAIRsFAIR event "Monitoring EOSC readiness: FAIR data policies" on 17 February 2022

  • By Rita Meneses

The ambition of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is to provide a  ‘multi-disciplinary environment where researchers can publish, find and re-use data, tools and services, enabling them to better conduct their work’. The realisation of the EOSC vision depends upon the availability of FAIR data (i.e., those data that are findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable). The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) defines the general framework for future research, development and innovation activities in relation to the EOSC and identified the availability of standardised national Open Science and FAIR data strategies, including the description of these policies, as a key priority to enable the continuous monitoring of the landscape with regards to EOSC readiness. 

This workshop will share recent work undertaken by the EOSC Association to monitor additional activities and define key performance indicators relating to FAIR data policies; share the key aims of a survey on...

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20 Jan 2022

Science Mesh Workshop "Global Platform for Scientific Collaboration"

  • By Jacopo Mariani

The main goal of the Science Mesh Workshop "Global Platform for Scientific Collaboration", co-located at the CS3 2022 Congress, is to dialogue with early adopters and potential vendors that will contribute to the final development, deployment and adoption of the Science Mesh. The Science Mesh is a global collaboration service for researchers, educators, data curators and analysts based on OCM (Open Cloud Mesh) and CS3APIs (Connect Storage and Application Providers). It provides an interoperable platform to easily share & deploy application and software components, while providing rich collaborative workflows.

The day will also bring out insights around what are the needs of ESFRI European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures clusters and their related infrastructures in terms of data synch and share. The ESFRI clusters, from a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines, have strong links with research communities, manage significant data volumes, and develop/operate discipline-specific data analytics tools, while facilitation...

Bert Meerman's picture
19 Jan 2022


  • By Bert Meerman


Join this EOSC NORDIC  WEBINAR on  Tuesday 8 FEB  2022     10:00 - 12:00 CET.  
Sign up for another interesting  EOSC NORDIC webinar  to discuss the value and limitations of FAIR evaluators.


Discussion on FAIR evaluators, like the FAIR EVALUATION SERVICES, the FUJI Evaluator ( FAIRsFAIR) and the FAIRware  Evaluator.

For more information :

Contact :    BERT MEERMAN  at


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13 Jan 2022

DICE-EOSC-Pillar Webinar: FAIR Data Management Gaps and Solutions

  • By Federico Drago

In 2021, EOSC-Pillar project ran the “National Initiatives” survey which provided a snapshot of the state of national initiatives on open data and services in the five EOSC-Pillar countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy).

An entire section of the survey was dedicated to assess the needs and difficulties researchers face when re-using data, in particular what hinders and what facilitates the findability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability (FAIR) of data from a researcher’s perspective. The survey is continuing towards a broader discussion with all researchers and their teams to collect their opinions and provide recommendations to EOSC and its service providers. 

At the same time, the DICE project (link) started aiming to provide to all EOSC researchers and communities data management services for making their data FAIR and fill some of the gaps identified in the survey. The services are designed to be used across all domains and thus, are potentially useful to all research communities in Europe.

  • Want to know the outcomes of the survey?
  • Would you like to bring new findings and recommendations for the implementation of EOSC?
  • Have you had experience in making your data FAIR and do you want to share the difficulties you have encountered? 
  • Are you looking for services to support you in making your data FAIR?

Then join EOSC-Pillar and DICE for this webinar. Register now!

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12 Jan 2022

Preliminary Call for Paper: 26th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries

  • By Paolo Manghi

26th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries
20-23 September 2022
Padua, Italy


Preliminary Call for Full Research and Practitioners Papers

Over the years TPDL was established as an important international forum focused on digital libraries and associated technical, practical, and social issues. TPDL encompasses the many meanings and evolutions of the term “digital libraries”, embracing the whole spectrum of the LAM community; research infrastructure scholarly communication services, operational information systems with all manner of digital content; new means of selecting, collecting, organizing, and distributing digital content such as data, images, software, cultural heritage objects; and theoretical models of information media, including document genres and electronic publishing. 

Representatives from academia, cultural heritage institutions, government, industry, research communities, research infrastructures, and others are invited to participate in this annual conference. The conference draws from a broad and multidisciplinary array of...

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10 Jan 2022

Gear up for the Blue-Cloud Hackathon - Kick-off live event on 17 January

  • By Federico Drago

Join us in the kick-off Live Event of the 3-week Ideation Warm Up leading to the Blue-Cloud Hackathon! Learn about Blue-Cloud, gain insight into the hackathon objectives & challenges, find out what we have in store for hackathon participants and be inspired to decode the Ocean!

Agenda (all times CET)

  •  16:00 - Welcome!
    •  Nicolas Segebarth, European Commission
    •  Sara Pittonet Gaiarin, Trust-IT Services (Blue-Cloud Project Coordinator)
    •  Kate Larkin, Seascape Belgium
  •  16.15 - What is Blue-Cloud? How can it help you, to help the Ocean?
    •  Introducing Blue-Cloud - Dick Schaap, MARIS (Blue-Cloud Technical Coordinator)
    •  Blue-Cloud’s Open Science platform: What tools does it bring to Ocean scientists & researchers, developers and innovators? - Pasquale Pagano, CNR-ISTI
    •  How can Blue-Cloud’s services support Ocean knowledge? Patricia Cabrera (VLIZ)
  •  17:00 - Blue-Cloud Hackathon: What? When? Who? How? Why? - Julia Vera, Seascape Belgium
    •  Round Table: Introducing the Blue-Cloud Hackathon's Ocean Topics & Challenges: Stéphane Pesant (EMBL), Lennert Schepers
  • ...

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17 Dec 2021

FAIRsFAIR FInal Event and Public Session - January 26: the very last stop of an extremely exciting journey started in 2019

  • By Rita Meneses

Between January 25th and 27th, FAIRsFAIR partners and stakeholders will meet for a series of concluding meetings to deep-dive into the results of FAIRsFAIR. We’ll analyse the impact that we managed to have on the European Research Community. We'll go once more through the tools, guidelines and best practices that we have produced and delivered to researchers, data stewards, decision makers and funders towards a better, more structured approach towards FAIR data management. We’ll take the recommendations we produced and the lessons we learnt and leave them as a legacy for future activities to come.

The core of these three days will be the FAIRsFAIR Final Event on Wednesday 26th of January!

Forget about power-points and online surveys: grab an armchair and a coffee, make yourself comfortable and join us! We promise you...