13 Oct 2020

EOSC Landscape Working Group Final Workshop

By: Alizée Francey (Rapporteur of the EOSC Landscape Working Group), with contributions by Jan Hrušák (Chair of the EOSC Landscape Working Group)

On 28 and 29 September 2020, the EOSC Landscape WG Final Workshop took place at Thon Hotel Brussels with possibility of remote participation, and over 100 stakeholders took part in it.Read more

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21 Sep 2020

Visions, Needs and Requirements for Future Research Environments: An Exploration with ERC Grantee Valeria Pulignano

Researchers are at the very heart of the EOSC: So what do researchers really need to do outstanding research and produce high-impact research results? Moreover, how do they think could the EOSC support them in their research endeavors? Let’s see what sociologist Valeria Pulignano has to say.

Interview with: Prof. Dr. Valeria Pulignano, Centre for Sociological Research, BelgiumRead more

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16 Sep 2020

Online session “Visions, requirements and needs for Future Research Environments in the Healthcare domain”

Since the start of the EOSC initiative, the needs of potential stakeholders were put into focus – among them the wishes and requirements of researchers and research institutions. To understand what the research community requires to perform cutting-edge research, the EOSCSecretariat partner TUWien invited an experts in open research, public health and computer sciences as well as a Nobel Laureate to discuss their visions, requirements and needs for future research environments in the Healthcare domain.Read more

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09 Sep 2020

Visions, needs and requirements for (future) research environments: An exploration with ERC Grantee Stephan Schiffels

Researchers are at the very heart of the EOSC: So what do researchers really need to do cutting-edge research? How do they think the EOSC could support them in their endeavors? Let;s see what Stephan Schiffels - group leader for population genetics at the Department for Archeogenetics of the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena - has to say.Read more

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