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18 Dec 2020

Visions, needs and requirements for (future) research environments: An Exploration Series with Researchers

As partner of the project consortium EOSCsecretariat, TU Wien is responsible for researcher engagement. This task comprises an exploration series, including the organization of workshops, consultations and interviews with members from university networks, funding bodies and various research communities. In order to address the latter in a structured way, TU Wien interviewed high-level researchers such as members from the Marie Curie Alumni Association, ERC grantees and Nobel Laureates. The series with researchers was launched in December 2019 and ends one year later and with 17 published interviews.Read more

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17 Nov 2020

Visions, needs and requirements for (future) research environments: An exploration with ERC advanced grantee Martin Carver

by Bernd Saurugger (TU Wien)

Researchers are at the very heart of the EOSC: So what do researchers really need to do outstanding research, and produce high-impact research results? Moreover, how do they think could the EOSC support them in their research endeavors? Let’s see what archeologist Martin Carver has to say.

Interview with: Professor Martin Carver, University of York, United Kingdom

For further information on Martin Carver and his research, please see:
https://www.york.ac.uk/archaeology/people/academic-staff/martin-carver/Read more

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