30 Jan 2020

FAIR - Fast, Active, Integrated and Responsive: how the EOSC FAIR Working Group rolls

By: Sarah Jones, EOSC Executive Board member and EOSC FAIR Working Group Chair

Everyone likes to add letters to FAIR, so I thought we should change things up by redefining the letters instead. Within the EOSC FAIR Working Group we are examining researcher practice and developing a PID policy, metrics, certification guidelines and an Interoperability Framework to implement a web of FAIR data in EOSC. On Tuesday we held our first Working Group meeting of 2020 and I was overwhelmed by the progress and dedication of our four Task Forces. Read more

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20 Dec 2019

EOSC Governance meets in Milan, 10-11 December 2019

By: Cathrin Stover, EOSC Executive Board Co-chair

First things first: we now have a “in principle” agreement on the Horizon Europe candidate Partnership Proposal for EOSC. This is excellent news as the formation of a strategic partnership for EOSC beyond 2020 means that the governance and executive boards are delivering increased stability for EOSC activities under Horizon Europe. It means that an activity that was mainly Horizon 2020 project-led over the last years, now receives the full support from EU Member States and Associate Countries. In short, we have taken EOSC to its next level!Read more

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