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21 Sep 2020

Visions, Needs and Requirements for Future Research Environments: An Exploration with ERC Grantee Valeria Pulignano

Researchers are at the very heart of the EOSC: So what do researchers really need to do outstanding research and produce high-impact research results? Moreover, how do they think could the EOSC support them in their research endeavors? Let’s see what sociologist Valeria Pulignano has to say.

Interview with: Prof. Dr. Valeria Pulignano, Centre for Sociological Research, BelgiumRead more

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16 Sep 2020

Online session “Visions, requirements and needs for Future Research Environments in the Healthcare domain”

Since the start of the EOSC initiative, the needs of potential stakeholders were put into focus – among them the wishes and requirements of researchers and research institutions. To understand what the research community requires to perform cutting-edge research, the EOSCSecretariat partner TUWien invited an experts in open research, public health and computer sciences as well as a Nobel Laureate to discuss their visions, requirements and needs for future research environments in the Healthcare domain.Read more

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09 Sep 2020

Visions, needs and requirements for (future) research environments: An exploration with ERC Grantee Stephan Schiffels

Researchers are at the very heart of the EOSC: So what do researchers really need to do cutting-edge research? How do they think the EOSC could support them in their endeavors? Let;s see what Stephan Schiffels - group leader for population genetics at the Department for Archeogenetics of the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena - has to say.Read more

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07 Sep 2020

EOSC Podcast Special: Making Open Science FAIR For Researchers is launching a series of podcasts, focusing on different topics surrounding EOSC. The first episode featured EOSC FAIR Working Group Chair, Sarah Jones, discussing Open Science, FAIR Data, and how and when researchers should be engaged. The conversation is fascinating as she pulls back the curtain on what EOSC is looking to achieve, explaining what Open Science and FAIR Data mean.Read more

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29 Aug 2020

Visions, needs and requirements for (future) research environments: An exploration with ERC grantee Nicolas Schuck

Researchers are at the very heart of the EOSC: So what do researchers really need to do cutting-edge research? How do they think the EOSC could support them in their endeavors? Let's see what Dr. Nicolas Schuck, Leader of the Max Planck Research Group NeuroCode - Neural and Computational Basis of Learning, Memory and Decision Making, has to say.Read more

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03 Aug 2020

Identifying digital skill sets for EOSC

By: Iryna Kuchma, EOSC Skills & Training WG Rapporteur

The EOSC Skills & Training Working Group is looking for feedback and suggestions from the community on the diagram describing the profiles of EOSC actors and their interactions. Fill out the webform by the 21st of September!Read more

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20 Jul 2020

Open Consultation On The Future Of EOSC Published

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Executive Board is launching an open consultation on the EOSC Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). The consultation will run for 6 weeks over the summer, closing 31st August and will be in the form of an online questionnaire available on the website. Have your say and help us shape the future of the EOSC!Read more

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10 Jul 2020

Open consultation on the priorities of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda to begin 20th July

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Executive Board will, on 20th July 2020, publish an open consultation on the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). The consultation will run for 6 weeks over the summer, closing 31st August and will be in the form of an online questionnaire available on the website. Have your say and help us shape the future of the EOSC!Read more

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24 Apr 2020

Analysing tinman feedback

The feedback received by the EOSC Sustainability WG on the tinman version of the Solutions for a Sustainable EOSC report has been analysed and documented in order to be taken into account in the upcoming ironlady version. A list of subjects have also been identified where the Sustainability Working Group intends to pursue additional studies.Read more

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13 Mar 2020

COVID-19 Highlights the Need for EOSC

It was only almost four months ago when the first case of the 2019–20 coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak was reported. Fast forward today and we see confirmed cases reaching the hundred thousand mark, more than 4,000 dead, and governments and international agencies scrambling to find a cure or vaccine. For us to find such a solution, the work is no different from putting together pieces of a puzzle. Bits of data and knowledge here and there, not to mention policies that should not only be conducive, but actually encouraging such activities. The future European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) can be the answer to societal challenges as they emerge. 

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08 Mar 2020

Workshop “Co-creating the EOSC: Needs and requirements for future research environments”: Synthesis of the takeaway messages

To better understand what the research community needs,  the EOSCSecretariat partner TU Wien is organizing a series of workshops. The first by-invitation-only workshop took place on 13 January 2020 in Feldkirch in Vorarlberg, Austria: a small group of 20 European top-level researchers coming from different domains with a focus on natural and technical sciences was invited to brainstorm about the actual needs in their current research as well as about future needs and requirements concerning research infrastructures, and services. Read more

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31 Jan 2020

EOSC in an international context

By: Sarah Jones, EOSC Executive Board member and EOSC FAIR Working Group Chair

As we co-create EOSC we must set our work in the broader international context. Research is global and the standards we deploy in a European context to create a web of FAIR data need to align, or at least interoperate with parallel initiatives in other countries, continents and sectors.Read more

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30 Jan 2020

FAIR - Fast, Active, Integrated and Responsive: how the EOSC FAIR Working Group rolls

By: Sarah Jones, EOSC Executive Board member and EOSC FAIR Working Group Chair

Everyone likes to add letters to FAIR, so I thought we should change things up by redefining the letters instead. Within the EOSC FAIR Working Group we are examining researcher practice and developing a PID policy, metrics, certification guidelines and an Interoperability Framework to implement a web of FAIR data in EOSC. On Tuesday we held our first Working Group meeting of 2020 and I was overwhelmed by the progress and dedication of our four Task Forces. Read more

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20 Dec 2019

EOSC Governance meets in Milan, 10-11 December 2019

By: Cathrin Stover, EOSC Executive Board Co-chair

First things first: we now have a “in principle” agreement on the Horizon Europe candidate Partnership Proposal for EOSC. This is excellent news as the formation of a strategic partnership for EOSC beyond 2020 means that the governance and executive boards are delivering increased stability for EOSC activities under Horizon Europe. It means that an activity that was mainly Horizon 2020 project-led over the last years, now receives the full support from EU Member States and Associate Countries. In short, we have taken EOSC to its next level!Read more

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19 Nov 2019

How Can Researchers Make Use of EOSC?

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) has entered a critical phase in preparing for 2021, where the first full iteration of EOSC will be available for researchers providing access to a virtual environment with open and seamless services for storage, management, analysis and re-use of research data, across borders and scientific disciplines.Read more

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04 Nov 2019

EOSC Landscape Working Group met in Helsinki

By: Alizée Francey (Rapporteur of the EOSC Landscape Working Group), with contributions of Jan Hrušák (Chair of the EOSC Landscape Working Group)

On the 23rd of October 2019, the EOSC Landscape Working Group (WG) met in Helsinki. During this 2nd F2F meeting, the WG members reviewed the process of the Landscape Analysis report and looked forward the upcoming steps.Read more

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15 Oct 2019

EOSC Workplan published

The EOSC Executive Board has released the first version of the EOSC Work Plan. The plan outlines the key outputs which will be delivered in this first phase of implementation. They comprise a first iteration of activities which will be handed over to a new governance structure at the end of 2020. The timelines, methods for delivery and key inputs are outlined in this document and run from mid-2019 until the end of 2020. The Work Plan will be updated periodically, at least in Q1 of 2020, but potentially more regularly if needed.Read more

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14 Oct 2019

EOSC Landscape WG: Reaching our ambitious goals

By: Iiris Liinamaa (CSC, EOSCsecretariat Contact Point for the EOSC Landscape Working Group), with contributions by Jan Hrušák (Chair of the EOSC Landscape Working Group)

On the 27th of August, we had the 2nd meeting of the Landscape Working Group as teleconference. The main point on the agenda was the work plan which will help the WG members in writing a Landscape analysis. The analyses will bring the picture of current situation in open data chain and related legislation.Read more

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08 Oct 2019

EOSC Concertation Meeting report: Building together an EOSC greater than the sum of its parts

The final report from the first general EOSC Concertation meeting has been released. The 2-day meeting, was jointly organised by DG-RTD and DG-CNECT, the two units from the European Commission currently funding the invited EOSC projects and coordinating activities, as well as the Taking place 9-10 September 2019 in Brussels, the meeting responded to a recognised need to bring the EOSC community together and inform each other about the respective activities.

Input from all the sessions has now been collected and collated in a final public reportRead more

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12 Aug 2019

EOSC Secretariat’s Funding Opportunities: Let's co-create now!

The EOSC Secretariat responds to the plea for stakeholder engagement by introducing the Co-creation approach and a budget for its realisation. Therefore, retains a high degree of flexibility in its roll-out plan by adopting a co-creation approach and providing budget for all upcoming, foreseen and unforeseen, activities and actions related to the work of the EOSC Secretariat to support the EOSC Governance.Read more

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31 Jul 2019

EOSC Landscape WG kicked off!

By: Saara Kontro with contributions from Jan Hrušák. 

Thursday, 18 July we had the 1st face to face meeting of the Landscape working group and saw our work kicking off in a good spirit of collaboration. We have 18 members representing Member States and Associated Countries on board.Read more

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12 Jul 2019

How to move from FAIR principles to FAIR practice?

On the 4th of July 2019, we had a kick-off meeting in Brussels of the FAIR Working group of the EOSC European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) governance. Given that the FAIR Working Group consists of almost 30 members, we split into 4 teams to enable efficient and effective working: PID Policy, FAIR Practice, Interoperability and Metrics and Certification.Read more

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09 Jul 2019

All the fun of the FAIR: FAIR WG Inaugural Meeting Held

Thursday, 4 July was the inaugural meeting of the EOSC FAIR Working Group. We have 26 members representing 20 different Member States and Associated Countries and a remit which covers FAIR practice, a Persistent Identifier policy, defining an EOSC Interoperability Framework, metrics for FAIR data, and service certification. We have clustered into four teams to make it feasible to drive forward this work in such a large group.Read more

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21 May 2019

Outcomes from the first EOSC GB-EB Meeting, 7-8 May, Munich

The EOSC Governance Board (GB) and Executive Board (EB) came together last week for a special meeting dedicated to building cooperation and trust between the two boards. They were joined by a number of European Commission representatives including Jean-Claude Burgelman, head of Unit for Open Science and Data Policies DG RTD; and Andreas Veispak, head of eInfrastructure & Science Cloud, DG Connect. Partners from the project which supports EOSC governance were also present and guided proceedings. Read more

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15 Feb 2019

EU Particle Physics & Astronomy commit to the Research Data Revolution making the European Open Science Cloud a reality

ESCAPE – « The European Science Cluster of Astronomy & Particle Physics ESFRI Research Infrastructures » answers the EOSC ambition in bringing People, Data, Services, Training, Publications, Projects & Organisations, all together in an integrated and federated environment. The project is led by the IN2P3, the national institute of nuclear and particle physics within CNRS, the French public research organisation, with a consortium of 31 partners including 27 European partner institutions, two pan-European research organisations, and two SMEs.Read more

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START: 19 Oct 2020
END: 22 Oct 2020

EOSC Symposium 2020

The EOSC Symposium 2020 brings together the community to discuss the final steps towards the establishment of a first version of a fully-fledged European Open Science Cloud....

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Thon Hotel EU, Belgium & Online
START: 28 Sep 2020
END: 29 Sep 2020

EOSC Landscape Final Validation Workshop

The EOSC Landscape Working Group is hosting the Final Validation Workshop, organised in collaboration with The invitation-only event is going to be held on...

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START: 22 Sep 2020
END: 24 Sep 2020

European Research & Innovation Days 2020

European Research and Innovation Days is the European Commission’s annual flagship Research and Innovation event, bringing together policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and...

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START: 10 Jun 2020
END: 10 Jun 2020

Virtual meeting on EOSC PID Policy draft v2

The 2nd version of the draft PID Policy was published by the EOSC FAIR and Architecture WGs, and has been open for comments since the beginning of May 2020. On the 10th of June...

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START: 18 May 2020
END: 18 May 2020

EOSC Consultation Day

The EOSC Consultation Day, a public event, takes place online on 18 May 2020, co-located with the EOSC-hub Week. Register now and join the EOSC conversation!

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START: 18 May 2020
END: 20 May 2020

EOSC-hub Week 2020 goes virtual

As EOSC-hub joins the rest of the European scientific community and the world in being responsible in #flatteningthecurve of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to change...

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Porto, Portugal
START: 23 Mar 2020
END: 27 Mar 2020

EuroHPC Summit Week

The EuroHPC Summit Week 2020 in Porto, gathering the main European stakeholders from the High Performance Computing community, was cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation....

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The Hotel Brussels, Brussels, Belgium
START: 03 Mar 2020
END: 04 Mar 2020

EOSC-Life Annual General Meeting

The 1st Annual General Meeting of EOSC-Life took place on 3-4 March 2020 in Brussels, Belgium. EOSC-Life is the new cluster project of the European life science RIs within the ...

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Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS), The Hague, Netherlands
START: 26 Feb 2020
END: 28 Feb 2020

Workshop on Training in EOSC

The Dutch Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) organised a workshop for trainers in EOSC-related projects to work on the future of training activities in EOSC

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START: 29 Jan 2020
END: 30 Jan 2020


This year's PIDapalooza will be held at the Belém Cultural Center in Lisbon, Portugal on 29-30 January 2020, and the EOSC will be there!

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Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
START: 23 Jan 2020
END: 23 Jan 2020

Workshop on Open Science in Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana and OpenAIRE-Advance have organised a workshop on the 23rd of January, targeted at Slovenian researchers, providing all the latest updates on open...

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Danubius Hotel Helia, Budapest, Hungary
START: 28 Nov 2019
END: 29 Nov 2019

EOSC Coordination Day

The  EOSC Coordination Day (invitation only) is the second in a series of meetings that focus on the coordination of selected actions by the EOSC related projects. The meetings...

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Budapest, Hungary
START: 26 Nov 2019
END: 26 Nov 2019

EOSC Press Conference 2019

This press conference aims to introduce the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and explain how it will impact European research and society in years to come.

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Budapest, Hungary
START: 26 Nov 2019
END: 28 Nov 2019

EOSC Symposium 2019

The EOSC Symposium 2019 represents a fundamental milestone in the EOSC roadmap. It builds on the legacy of the former Digital Infrastructure for Research (DI4R) event series...

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Aalto University, DIPOLI, Otakaari 24, Otaniemi, Espoo
START: 21 Oct 2019
END: 21 Oct 2019

EOSC Services, Collaborations, and RDA

SSHOC is coordinating the EOSC Services, Collaborations, and the RDA Plenary side-event, that will bring together the communities of the EOSC cluster projects and the Research...

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Brussels, Belgium
START: 25 Sep 2019
END: 25 Sep 2019

European Research and Innovation Days

Open Science is becoming the new normal. This leads to a revolution in research practices, where our unprecedented ability to access, combine and process heterogeneous...

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Poznan, Poland
START: 13 May 2019
END: 17 May 2019

EuroHPC Summit Week 2019

The fourth edition of the EuroHPC Summit Week will take place from 13 - 17 May 2019 in Poznan, Poland.

More information to be published soon at: ...

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Rome, Italy
START: 15 Apr 2019
END: 16 Apr 2019

PLAN-E plenary, Rome15-16April 2019

EOSC Secretariat and the EOSC Executive Board members were present at the last Platform of National eScience Centers in Europe (PLAN-E) Plenary Meeting at the GARR premises in...

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Vienna, Austria
START: 07 Apr 2019
END: 12 Apr 2019

EGU General Assembly

The EGU General Assembly 2019, taking place in Vienna (Austria) on 7–12 April 2019, will bring together geoscientists from all over the world to one meeting covering all...

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Helsinki, Finland
START: 25 Mar 2019
END: 29 Mar 2019

8th ENVRI Week

ENVRI week is a week dedicated to Environmental Research Infrastructures. It is organized twice a year ENVRI week hosts ENVRIplus project related sessions as well as several...

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Styria, Austria
START: 25 Feb 2019
END: 27 Feb 2019

Austrian HPC Meeting 2019 (AHPC19)

EOSC Secretariat was presented at the recent Austrian HPC Meeting 2019 (AHPC19) which was held from February 25-27, 2019, at Seeblickhotel-Grundlsee in Grundlsee, Styria,...

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